Mermaid Makeup that Takes Only Seconds to Add Fun to Girl’s Under-the-Sea Adventure

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fast and easy mermaid makeup

Give your daughter the doll-like cuteness of Lagoona Blue with these fast & easy steps.

Girl’s Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

mermaid makeup tutorial
Use the child’s makeup kit shown below, the face paint you have on hand or your own eye shadow collection for the following steps:

  1. Apply the Dark Blue to her eyelid.
  2. Apply the Fuschia along the crease, extending to the outer tip of the eyebrow in an almond shape .
  3. Apply the Light Blue in a stripe along the brow bone, just above the fuschia.
  4. Trace along the inner eye (around the tear duct area) with the white from the lower lashline up to the brow.
  5. Using the makeup stick, push & twist to draw “freckles” along her cheekbones – Lagoona Blue has two rows of five freckles cross her cheeks.
  6. Use the makeup stick to color in her eyebrows.
  7. Apply lipstick, and voila! your have a gorgeous little mermaid in minutes.

monster high laguna blue makeupSince you just never know when they’ll want to have an under-the-sea adventure, its a good idea to keep some mermaid makeup supplies on hand so you can use them at a moment’s notice.

Cheap makeup kits that combine the right colors and include the necessary applicators are the perfect way to pump up the fun! Stock up when you find them at the right price and they’ll be available for Halloween costumes too – because there’s always last minute changes and a little pizzazz to be added then, too.

This Monster High Lagoona Blue Makeup Kit* – only $4.99 at – has the under-the-sea colors, makeup applicators and even a little sparkle to put more fun in your daughter’s day.

(Yes, I know that Lagoona Blue is not a mermaid – she’s a swamp monster – but the colors in this little makeup kit are just perfect for any mermaid.)

Kit includes:

  • 4 Color Makeup Tray
  • 2 Dual Sponge Applicators
  • Mini Lipstick
  • Makeup Stick
  • Glitter Tattoo

The Lagoona Blue Wig* makes a fantastic mermaid wig that’s so much fun to wear! (Just $14.99 at

monster high laguna blue wig - mermaid wig


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