10 Essential Kids Party Games to Thrill and Entertain

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By Guest Blogger Christina from DNA Kids

Finding the right kind of games for your children’s parties can be hard. While presents and cake are often all that’s needed to keep young children interested during the day, having games will mean that you can better organise large groups, while getting them involved in fun activities.

Small presents can also be given out as rewards at the end of games, ensuring that children go away from a party with a memento of the day. At the same time, making your own simple kids party games can save money on hiring an entertainer, or taking children out to a busy park or expensive activity centre.

Some of the most essential kids party games to try out include:


1 – Egg and Spoon Race

Useful to play if you have a large enough garden, this game involves children running with a hardboiled egg on a spoon in one hand, and their other arm behind their backs. The first person to cross the finishing line without breaking or dropping their egg is the winner.

2 – Musical Chairs and Statues

Traditional favourites, musical chairs and statues will keep children entertained through fast paced activities. Musical chairs involves children circling a row of chairs, and sitting down when the music stops, with the last person standing going out. Musical statues works in a similar way, with dancing children freezing when the music stops.


3 – Pass the Parcel

Another long term favourite for parties, pass the parcel involves handing around a heavily wrapped package until the music stops. The person holding the parcel unwraps a layer, until everyone ends up with their own small present.

4 – Blind Man’s Bluff

One child wears a blindfold, and wanders the room. They have to guess who the first person they tag is. A game that needs supervision to make sure there aren’t any trips and falls.

5 – Capture the Flag

One team has to hide a flag, with the other having to retrieve it. People that are tagged have to sit out until the flag is found.


6 – Treasure Hunts

Simple to put together, a treasure hunt can be organised around a theme, which in turn can be linked to the overall party. A pirate party can produce a buried treasure theme, while a party themed around a favourite television or film character can result in toys being hidden around a garden or house.

7 – Follow the Leader

With an obstacle course set up around the home or garden, children have to follow a leader’s movements, falling out if they can’t match them.

Sack Races

8 – Sack Race

Another excellent activity, albeit one that should be completed on soft grass and with adult supervision, a sack race hopping along a field represents a good way to let children burn off some energy.

9 – Simon Says

An excellent game for younger children, ‘Simon Says’ involves telling children to do things that ‘Simon Says,’ and trying to catch them out by not saying ‘Simon Says’ and seeing who still moves.

10 – What’s the Time, Mr Wolf?

Like ‘Simon Says,’ ‘What’s the Time, Mr Wolf?’ is simple to play – children approach the person playing Mr. Wolf, and ask ‘what time is it, Mr. Wolf?’ They have to keep on advancing, until Mr. Wolf announces that it’s ‘dinner time,’ and chases them back, with the first person tagged becoming the new Mr. Wolf.

About the Author

Christina is a children’s party entertainer currently writing on behalf of DNA Kids, a UK based provider of children’s party entertainment. Check out the all new children’s pop star birthday party, perfect for your little party rockers!
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