3 Reasons to Drink Beer in a Glass

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Beer glasses aren’t just for beer snobs. Unless you’re throwing back a cold one on a hot day or just hanging with friends, it’s always better to drink beer in a glass. We tell you why.

It’s easier to pass out beer bottles to the crew. And there are times when it’s more economical to serve beer in plastic cups – or perhaps you have a good reason (beer pong anyone?)

But for a true beer connoisseur it has to be beer in a glass. Nothing else will do . . . and make sure its in the correct glass please. (See How to Know Which Beer Glass to Use for more information.)

Here are the reasons you should drink beer from a glass:

3 reasons to drink beer from a glass

In a nutshell:

  • When you drink from a beer bottle you rob yourself of the true aroma of the beer – and when 70% of taste relies on our sense of smell – you’re also robbing yourself from the taste of the brew.
  • Beer glasses allow a “head” of foam to form and the carbonation assists with the sense of smell (and taste – see item 1) as well as the “mouth feel.”
  • When we can see the clarity, color and carbonation of the beer it enhances our enjoyment.

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