4 Green Cocktail Recipes for Your St Patrick’s Day Party

You are currently viewing 4 Green Cocktail Recipes for Your St Patrick’s Day Party

Want more than just green beer? Try these green cocktail recipes for your St Patrick’s Day party. You’re welcome!

green manhattan drink

How to make a green Manhattan.

I’m not sure how many leprechauns there are in New York, but if they’re there, of course they use Irish Whisky in their Manhattan cocktails.

How to make a martini à la mint.

Since “à la” is French, you may want to call this a Mint Martini or an Irish Martini.

The species of mint that’s grown in Ireland is spearmint, peppermint, and chocolate mint which sounds wonderful but there’s no cocoa involved, it’s just a type of mint plant.

how to make a martini a la mint
tropical paradise cocktail

How to make a St Patrick’s Day tropical paradise cocktail.

This is also known as an Alien Secretion, but that’s not very St Patty’s, is it?

On the other hand has anyone ever said, “I want to holiday at a tropical paradise – let’s go to Ireland.”

How to make an Irish Appletini.

It’s said that Saint Patrick planted trees himself, but I’m not sure that he used them in an Appletini.

If you want to go totally Irish, use one of their Bramley apples to slice for a garnish.

irish appletini

Green cocktail recipes courtesy of Halloween Express.

4 Green cocktail recipes are a party! Now add green beer and Irish coffee and have a blast.

Want these green cocktail recipes for your party?

Immediate download, including green beer & Irish coffee recipes. Printable PDF, but in order to be readable it needs to be printed edge to edge, so set printer at “no bleed”.

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4 Green Cocktail Recipes for Your St Patrick\'s Day Party