7 Essential Tips in Buying Pacifiers

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Author: Patricia Strasser
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In buying a baby pacifier one should wait for your baby to take a pacifier before buying one, choose the one-piece pacifier, do not use home-made pacifiers, find out the type of pacifier that your baby likes, buy pacifiers with useful features, never tie the pacifier on your baby, and make sure that the pacifiers is not recalled.
Providing the best care for your baby go along with stocking of reliable and efficient nursery products such as baby pacifiers. It is important to choose the best baby pacifiers to ensure safety and the best care. Before deciding on what baby pacifiers to buy read the helpful tips in buying baby pacifiers below:
Wait for your baby to take a pacifier before buying one
Before getting to excited in buying a huge stock of baby pacifiers, do wait until the baby takes one. It is advisable to consider buying a sample of each type of baby pacifier than buying a whole set of the same type. This is because some babies might not like having baby pacifiers or are keen to a certain type of baby pacifier.
Choose the one-piece pacifier
Nowadays, most pacifiers are on a one-piece pacifier design. It is advisable to prefer a single nipple baby pacifier that is firmly attached to the base for the baby’s comfort. As much as possible avoid buying liquid-filled pacifiers or those that are gel-filled because it can be harmful and messy once it will leak out from the nipple.
Do not use home-made pacifiers
Never use home-made or improvised pacifiers. Baby pacifier products are produce with a great quality control to ensure safety when used. Any improvised pacifier such as the one made from milk bottle caps may pose a risk factor to your baby’s health. It is important to remember that milk bottles and other similar materials are designed and intended for a different purpose; Improvising other materials into a baby pacifier my cause risk and unsecured consequences.
Find out the type of pacifier that your baby likes
Allow your baby to try on different types of pacifiers for you to know what they want. There are the traditional type of pacifiers and the orthodontic pacifiers with rounded top and flat bottom nipples. Latex and silicon are the usual materials used in making the nipple. Babies might want the harder type made with silicon or the softer one made with latex. Studies have shown that minimizing the use of pacifiers after the baby’s first year will lessen your baby’s dental damage.
Buy pacifiers with useful features
It is helpful to buy pacifiers with useful features such as having the appropriate pacifier size and color. 1.5 inch across pacifier sizes are ideal to prevent choking accidents. Colored pacifiers are helpful in stashing and looking for pacifiers. Vented base holes also allow air to pass through the baby’s skin when sucking. This prevents moisture to develop that causes rashes and allergies.
Never tie the pacifier on your baby
Ensure safety first and never tie the pacifier on your baby. To tie the pacifier may be a possible reason for strangulation. Instead, buy a pacifier clip to easily attach the pacifier to a diaper bag or any convenient and visible location.
Make sure that the pacifiers is not recalled
Constantly check the list of recalled products. This is to ensure that your item is 100% safe for baby’s use. Although it does not happen often, being more than sure with product safety is better than being lenient to danger.
Glow in the dark pacifier and other vibrant design may be helpful especially when looking for baby pacifiers around the house or during bed time. Always remember to provide only what is best.
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