8 Journaling Tips to Get Back in the Habit.

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If you’re like me, you love collecting journals. Some are so creative, some have interesting prompts, others are so beautiful. But how many journals are on your shelf without one word? Try these journaling tips to get back into the groove of to putting pen to paper.

1. Use writing utensils that bring you pleasure.

woman holding silver pen with journal

Whether you use a pen that holds sentimental value, or one that is a satisfying color, make sure your writing utensil brings you excitement and joy when you use it. A set of colored pencils or pens* in just the right shade makes it more fun to doodle in your journal, too.

An expensive pen* has a certain satisfaction when used that can call you to your journal.

2. Use a pocket-sized journal to jot notes throughout the day.

A small 3.5 x 5.5 inches journal* that can fit in your pocket or purse makes it easy to write a few lines just after something interesting or eventful happens in the day.

This can get you in the habit of collecting your thoughts, and then you can keep a larger journal on other topics such as your dream life or goals at home.

mini notepad journal for pocket or purse from Amazon

3. Just write one word.

woman with silver pen journaling or writing in diary

Think of one word or a phrase that is a summary of your day. This sounds fast & easy, but it really isn’t. You’ve got to concentrate to come up with just the right word. This is a fun practice that gets you in the groove of wanting to write more.

Want to get really creative? Think of a song title that sums up your day. Write it in your journal and then have a solo dance party while listening to the Song of the Day.

4. Choose a theme for your journal that makes you happy.

Black Smiling Woman holding silver pen thinking

What makes you happy? Thinking about all the pets you’ve had in your lifetime? All the people you’ve met at a certain place? Your joy as a kid playing with neighbors or your cousins? All the different places you’ve enjoyed a great cup of coffee. Choose a theme and write about one memory every day.

5. Link journaling to another time of day you enjoy.

woman journaling with silver pen at coffee break

If you forget to take time to journal, one way of remembering is to link journaling with another event in the day that you enjoy like your last coffee break in the day. Or perhaps your first glass of wine when you arrive home from work. Linking journal time with another event will get you back in the habit.

6. Pomodoro journaling.

woman thinking of what to write

Have you heard of the Pomodoro Technique for studying? Pomodoro style journaling is to use a tomato kitchen timer (pomodoro is Italian for tomato) to set 10 minutes for your journal writing.

When you know your writing time is limited it forces you to write, even if its a free-flow. It also gives you the freedom to know there’s no pressure and you’ll be finished soon. Do this at the same time every day and soon you’ll be back in the habit.

7. The quick bullet journal.

woman with silver pen with bullet journal

On one page, number the lines for each day of the month, 1 – 31 or whatever. Every day write one sentence that sums up your day, is meaningful to you, or states how you feel. You’ve just started a bullet journal. Go with that or add different styles, too.

8. Or the quick gratitude journal.

smiling black woman laying on couch with coffee and gratitude journal

In the evening when you have the last coffee or a glass of wine before going to bed, write about one thing you feel the most grateful. This practice will not only help you get into a routine of journaling, it will help you feel happy and ready to go to sleep.

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