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About Playtime and Party – and Our Merrymakers

about playtime and party and our merrymakers

Our goal is to make it easy for you to put more play in your day to create happy memories with family and friends. We call this Good Times Glue, cherished memories for close relationships.

We inspire more play in your every day.

woman with moustache on finger over mouth being playful

We believe playtime is important for everyone – all ages – every day.
Here’s what play does for you:

– adds joy to your day – instead of filling in time
– adds Good Times Glue that cements close-knit family & friends creates happy memories that last a lifetime
– can give you a little exercise the fun way after a time of inaction
when you play with others it boosts both your spirits
– helps you de-stress after a meeting or time of focused work
– turns what you’re looking forward to doing into a mini-celebration
– helps you experience memorable fun while waiting
makes life an adventure when you’re prepared for impromptu play

Want to learn more:

How We Help You Put More Play in Your Day – why we made this our mission
How to Add More Play to Your Schedule – explains the idea of adding play modules to your schedule in more detail
Celebrate Something Special Today with a Mini Party – tells you about the different types of play modules
– Daily Celebration Ideas by Month – daily holidays for every day of the year with tips on how to celebrate

How do we make it easy?

thumbs up red oven mitt

We know that time, energy and resources fluctuate so we offer alternatives that are:
– {keep it simple sweetheart} for when you want to quickly & easily pull your fun together with purchased items
– {fast & easy} for times when you are ill or have too much on your to-do list
– {cheap} for when money is short
– {DIY} for when you’re feeling creative and want to be hands-on
– {go big} for times when you want the ultimate recipe or celebration

We make it easy to add a few moments of fun, a spurt of exercise, a daily holiday or mini-celebration every day.

We share ideas for themed food, a signature beverage, 3D invitations that excite, and themed decorations, costumes and entertainment for a mini-party or big celebration.

We offer step-by-step instructions for all skill levels: {keep-it-simple}, {DIY-joy} and {buy-it-ready-made}.

We give you several choices so you can create a playtime or a party that fits your needs or create a signature recipe that reflects your taste and style. For example: we offer several different peanut butter cookie recipes so you can bake the kind you prefer, and our meatloaf recipe includes many different ways to make and serve meatloaf – with tips to make it perfectly – so you can create a signature dish.

We share information & inspiration from pros who know.

pro grillmaster seasoning beef steaks for BBQ

Whether it’s a recipe, a seasonal chore or a craft, we help you do it right the first time by sharing tips from the pros who know. That can be a celebrity chef or a pitmaster, a florist or a contractor.

That’s why we share tips & tricks from the pros who know. We share their “entry secret” to help you improve your skills exponentially, and allow you to do it right on the first try. This way you feel encouraged to learn more and improve your skills. (And you can impress your crowd without years of training.)

applause for the Christmas galette that wows the crowd

Want to learn more:

See our recipes from the pros who know – we are fortunate to offer recipes from professional chefs, pitmasters, food bloggers and test kitchens.

About Our Recipes

We believe cooking should be fun. It can be a shared time that creates wonderful memories, or a moment that reminds you of your connections with others.

mother and daughter laughing while cooking breakfast recipes

We don’t just give you the list of ingredients & directions, our recipes include:

– step-by-step instructions for all skill levels
– fast & easy or DIY-joy choice available for many recipes
– information & inspiration from the pros who know like celebrity chefs & pitmasters
– tips on how to make it perfect the first try
– tips on how to add your own special touch to create a signature dish
– holiday & special event recipe ideas
– seasonal recipes

Want to learn more:

See our recipe index

Embracing Seasonality

emabracing seasonality
Seasonal Living is embracing the rhythms of life, the changes in nature, and the holiday calendar. Instead of resisting nature’s seasonal inconveniences, we welcome the variety that adds the “extra” for an extraordinary life.

Seasonal living goes deeper, flowing with the rhythm of each cycle to add purpose to everything we do.

– we eat seasonally for fresher, more flavorful food and variety in our menus
– we embrace the distinct differences in weather & discover ways to enjoy them
– we gather our family & friends together in different ways each season to have variety in our Good Times Glue
– we freshen our homes with decorations that reflect the changes outdoors or calendar holidays
– we celebrate traditions that add meaning to life with calendar holidays
– we build happy memories that last a lifetime by creating mini-party moments around the events of the season

Want to learn more:

Live Intentionally with Seasonal Living – explains our seasonality philosophy with ideas for each season

Living Sustainably with a Local Focus

green living tips

Sustainable living is a lifestyle that reduces our personal impact on the environment by making positive changes. We offer green living tips to make it as simple as possible to make those changes. We encourage everyone to support local businesses and the local foodshed by shopping at the farmer’s market.

(Although, we must admit that we offer links to Amazon and other online stores. This is to show you an example the product we are showcasing, but also it’s one of the ways we make an income with this website. The yin and yang of life.)

Want to learn more:

About Our Printables

We create printables for party themes, for some daily holidays, for family night to add excitement and calendar holidays. Some of these are offered for free as a bonus at the bottom of our articles for those who read all the way 😉.

We also offer printables to help you keep a memory album of the parties, daily holidays and seasonal fun that you celebrate. We all take a million photos on our phones, but how often do we really look through them? A Memory Album is an easy breezy way to make a keepsake book of all we do so we can easily look over the pics as often as we want. It also encourages us to put more play in our day to fill the Memory Album!

Want to know more?

We’ve discussed our mission & what we hope to accomplish on this website. The articles below share our business policies and how to contact us. There’s also a submission form for you to share your thoughts, requests and ideas with us, so please do. We love to hear from you.

privacy policy

Playtime & Party Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy about how Playtime and Party collects, uses and discloses information collected from visitors of the site

playtime and party cookie policy

Playtime & Party Cookie Policy

Playtime and Party cookie policy tells you how cookies are good, which cookies we use, and how to keep cookies off your computer altogether.

girl thinking to submit an idea

Submit an Idea

We want to hear from you. Tell us what you’d like to see on our pages. Recipes you’re drooling for, or party themes, printables and fun ideas.

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