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Today is National What Day?

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What is a National Day about?

So you ask, “It’s national what day?” Every day of the year has at least one special fun holiday connected with it. Some are registered nationally – some are even recognized internationally.

Other daily holidays aren’t registered. They can be a bizarre holiday like Extraterrestrial Abduction Day on March 20. Or maybe a fun day like Kiss Your Mate Day on April 28 or Fruitcake Toss Day on January 3.

extraterrestrial abduction day march 20
happy ginuary Which brings us to the food holidays like Chocolate Chip Day on May 15, or World Whiskey Day on May 21.

Some holidays last a week or even a whole month like Ginuary – you guessed it, in January.

Many daily holidays were founded by companies wanting to promote their products or by groups who want to celebrate their favorite hobbies. They have grown to be something more than they started out to be. (Like Shower with a Friend Day on February 5th that was created to sell water filters and has become something else.)

These daily holidays give us a reason to celebrate every day!

At Playtime & Party we not only tell you what National Day it is we make suggestions that help you celebrate it. You can turn it into a mini party, keeping it as simple or going as big as time, money and energy allows.

We believe that celebrating daily holidays and national days are a great way to make fun memories with family and friends that cement our relationships. We call this Good Times Glue.

what national day is today

So. . . today is national what day?!!!!!!

The best way to know today’s national day and daily holiday is to visit our homepage at Every day we list the celebrations of the day so it’s the first thing you see when you visit us.

Or, choose the month below to see all the national day & daily holidays for each day of that month.

June Daily Holidays for 2022

    We show you how to put more fun in your day with ways to celebrate the June daily holidays and National Days. Do it with your family & friends