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June 5 Daily Holidays, National Days & Special Days

sausage rolls

June 5: Sausage Roll Day

    Sausage rolls are adored in the UK like America loves hot dogs. For international kinship, let’s all celebrate Sausage Roll Day. Recipes!

    ketchup with fries

    June 5: National Ketchup Day

      June 5 is National Ketchup Day. We show you how to celebrate with recipes, movies and even how to eat ketchup in your car the mess-free way.

      June 5 national frozen yogurt day

      June 5: National Frozen Yogurt Day

        How to celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Day on June 5. By eating frozen yogurt – recipe! But also a freaky-funny horror movie where yogurt eats you! #nationalyogurtday #yogurtday

        like-meat veggie burger

        June 5: National Veggie Burger Day

          If you’ve transitioned to a plant-based diet, you’ll love National Veggie Burger Day. If you haven’t tried one, today’s the day! Recipes.

          June 5 National Gingerbread Day

          June 5: National Gingerbread Day

            June 5 is National Gingerbread Day. Why? Maybe someone thought it was sad everyone was only making gingerbread men and houses at Christmas.

            June 5 hot air balloon day

            June 5: Hot Air Balloon Day

              June 5th celebrate Hot Air Balloon Day by going for a ride (we have tips). Or keep your two feet on the ground with a hot air balloon movie.