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Movie Bucket List

movie bucket list by topic

Welcome to our movie bucket list!

If you are looking for a movie to match your party theme or the daily holiday, this list will make it easy to find what you’re looking for – it is the movie bucket list for the best movies by topic.

Movies are organized by topics. Each topic has movies from different genres, including a kid’s movie, so you can find something for everyone.

There’s a synopsis of each movie and usually a video clip of how that movie fits the topic category.

We’ve also tried to add mini party ideas to turn your movie night into a celebration!

See our movie bucket list topics:

apple strudel movies bucket list

Apple Strudel Movie Bucket List

    See movies featuring Apple Strudel. Here are 4 movies with the making, the eating and the enjoyment of a Strudelfest. All different genres.

    Kites movie bucket list

    Kites Movie Bucket List

      Must-see kite movie bucket list. A romance, drama, kids movie, teen movie, family movie and a kite flying peaceful moment in a horror movie.

      donut movies bucket list

      Donut Movie Bucket List

        The donut movie bucket list with movies where donuts are eaten for many reasons and one where donuts eat us. Several genres of donut movies.

        axe movie bucket list

        Axe Movies Bucket List

          For a fright night here is our axe movie bucket list. Because Axe movies are scary. But there is a rom-com on the axe movie list that’s funny.

          backwards movie bucket list

          Backwards Movie Bucket List

            Awesome backwards movies featuring a thriller, a drama, a suspense and a couple of rom coms that leave you thinking for hours afterwards.

            gardening movies

            Gardening Movies Bucket List

              These aren’t movies to improve your gardening. They’re fictional movies about the love of gardening for the months you’re waiting to garden.

              hot air balloon day

              Hot Air Balloon Movies Bucket List

                We can’t all fit into that little wicker basket. In fact, some of us have a fear of heights. But we can all enjoy a hot air balloon movie.