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How We Help You Put More Play in Your Day

put more play in your day pool

Put more play in your every day because:

  • – playing together creates happy memories for a close-knit family or crew of friends
  • – find joy instead of just filling in time
  • – enjoy a spurt of playful exercise for your health
  • – take a moment to de-stress with a little fun

kids laughing on a road trip

Happiness from playful moments will cement your relationships. (We have proof!)

Hard work builds character; Good Times is the glue for a closer family & crew of friends.

How we help you create Good Times Glue:

  • – daily holidays & national day of celebrations
  • – national food of the day recipes
  • – playtime themes & tips for all ages – even adults
  • – themed food to make binge-watching your favorite movie or TV series a party
  • – family night ideas
  • – calendar holiday ideas & party plans
  • – party planning tutorials
  • – top party plans for adults and children by party theme
  • – daily holiday & party printables
  • – recipes by theme for all skill levels

We make it easy to put more play in your day.

outdoor movie night

Adding more play to your day doesn’t require a lot of effort or money. It does require forethought and a little organization.

We give you information & inspiration to help you plug in to daily celebrations that are going on nationally around the world, themes for a mini-celebration and a ton of ideas for impromptu play.

We’ve separated each part of a celebration into modules:

  • – Decorating Module
  • – Food Module
  • – Entertainment Module
  • – Costume Module

You can go big – or go small. How much you celebrate is up to you. How much time do you want to devote? How much money do you want to spend? How energetic do you feel? Plug one or more modules into you schedule today where you need them.

We give you themes for the day with a ton of ideas and you take it from there. Use one or ten of our suggestions, or use the theme as a springboard for your own creativity. Play more – as much as your schedule allows.

Play is more fun when it’s easy to do & easy on the budget.

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We know that resources for playtime and parties can fluctuate.

  • – when families face limited funds, “fun money” is always the first to go
  • – there are times when our to-do list is longer than hours in the day
  • – we all have days when we’re ill or too exhausted to invest energy into our playtime or party project
  • -but then there are times we have milestone occasions or want to have the ultimate party or family celebration

We help you play more without over-extending your resources.

We show alternatives for:

  • – limited budgets
  • – limited time investment
  • – limited creativity/cooking skills
  • – limited energy
  • – making-dreams-come-true ultimate party & play days

We offer options so you can choose what’s right for you.

easy cheap and go big cake choices

  • – {keep it simple sweetheart} how to quickly pull something amazing together from purchased items for a unique look
  • – {fast and easy} party tips for when you’re short on time and energy
  • – {cheap} party ideas and freebies for the budget conscious
  • – over-the-moon ideas for when you’re ready to {go big}

We don’t just share ideas and leave you hanging – we make it easy to do.

turkey cooking instructions

  • – easy step-by-step tutorials for recipes, crafts & decorating for all skill levels
  • – tips to help you do it right the first time
  • – info from pros who know

We know from experience that putting more play in your every day works.

my kids at harry potter

When my 3 kids were young, I planned hundreds of themed playtime, holiday and party days.

That Good Times Glue still brings us together to celebrate seasonal holidays even though we are spread out.

And when we get together we spend lots of time reminiscing & laughing about the crazy things we’ve done.

And when we get together we spend lots of time reminiscing & laughing about the crazy things we’ve done – and adding more play experiences.

The best part of all? My adult children spend time together – just them and their friends – for special events and trips.

They are applying Good Times Glue to new relationships and creating more happy memories that will last their lifetime.

Want to know more? Read these articles.

Learn how to add more play to your day with play modules where you need them. And how to easily turn a play module into a mini-party celebration.

how to add more play in your day

How to Add More Play Today

Where do you need to add play in your day to de-stress, celebrate a special moment, create a happy memory with someone special?

impromptu play

Yes, Impromptu Play Needs Planning

Impromptu means done without being planned or rehearsed but impromptu play needs planning ahead to have something to play with! See our ideas.

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