Taste of Home says a Buddha Bowl is “Named for its big, round Buddha belly shape. A “Buddha bowl” can mean different things to different people, so let’s define it as a one-dish meal consisting of rice or whole grains, roasted veggies, a dressing and protein (by way of beans, tofu, lentils, or in some cases meat or fish). It’s considered clean eating and it incorporates principles of Chinese and Japanese medicine.”
1. Whole Grains: cooked brown rice, quinoa, barley or bulgur.
2. Vegetables: choose different colors, can be cooked or fresh from the Farmer’s Market.
3. Protein: tofu, chickpeas, beans, lentils, fish or chicken.
4. Dressing: homemade salad dressing for freshness.
5. Seeds & nuts: pumpkin, sesame, pepitas, chia seeds, walnuts, pecans.
6. Favorite foods: hard boiled egg, avocado, olives, cheese.

Enjoy these healthy Buddha Bowl recipes: