A Bacon Tuxedo – on a Jigsaw Puzzle. Aren't You Lucky?

You are currently viewing A Bacon Tuxedo – on a Jigsaw Puzzle.  Aren't You Lucky?

bacon tuxedo jigsaw puzzle

Bacon Tuxedo Jigsaw Puzzle

Bacon Tuxedo 500 piece Jigsaw Puzzle available from Entertainment Earth.

Bacon as formalwear? Of course. Ham is too casual. Meatloaf is too retro. Make no mistake about it, bacon is the best meat for formalwear! Fortunately for you, you don’t have to wear it. It’s on a jigsaw puzzle.
This hilarious jigsaw puzzle features a man in a bacon tuxedo posing with his date for a prom picture. She must have been so proud.
Each 500-piece puzzle measures 18-inches tall x 14-inches wide when assembled and comes in an illustrated box. As a bonus it also includes a 48-piece bonus mystery puzzle.
My question is this: if it was available as a tuxedo, would you wear it?


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