A Comic Book for Gamers & Bacon Lovers! The Attack of the Bacon Robots – Oh My

attack of the bacon robot comic book
Penny Arcade TPB Vol. 1 Attack of the Bacon Robots! – nick & dent
Price: $5.97

Get your geek on. Penny Arcade , the comic strip for gamers, by gamers is now available in comic shops and bookstores everywhere. Not familiar with Penny Arcade ? What? It’s only the most popular comic strip on the web. It’s just the funniest, most twisted comic that ever lampooned gamer culture, and takes shots at everything from Star Wars to Steve Jobs. Experience the joy of being a hardcore gamer as expressed in vignettes of random vulgarity and mindless violence! Get online and direct your browser to penny-arcade.com, check out the latest strips, then, to read Penny Arcade from the very beginning, get the first collection, Attack of the Bacon Robots! , which includes strips, sketches, and creator commentary not available anywhere else!


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