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about playtime and party and our merrymakers
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We have party plans and fun ideas for holidays like Christmas & Halloween, and for milestones like birthdays & anniversaries – just like every party site.

But we go beyond that. Our goal is to make it easy for you to put more play in every day to create happy lifetime memories. Because we believe having fun together is the Good Times Glue for amazing relationships & a satisfying life. And we have proof!

What play can do for you:

  • adds joy to your day – instead of filling in time
  • can give you a little exercise the fun way after a time of inaction
  • when you play with others it boosts both your spirits
  • helps you de-stress after a meeting or time of focused work
  • turns what you’re looking forward to into a mini-celebration
  • helps you experience memorable fun while waiting
  • adds Good Times Glue that binds a close-knit family & friends through happy memories
  • makes life an adventure when you’re prepared for impromptu play
woman pretending to have moustache adding fun to her day

How we make it easy for you to be a Merrymaker every day.

We share alternatives that make it easy for you to add fun even when time, energy and resources fluctuate

  • {fast & easy} for times when you aren’t as energetic or have too much on your to-do list
  • {cheap} when you’re on a tight budget
  • {DIY} when you’re feeling creative and want to be hands-on
  • {go big} for times when you want the ultimate celebration or create a signature recipe
thumbs up oven mitt for adding play not matter how your day is going

No matter your skill level or what’s going on in your life today, there are tips & tricks to make it easy for you to add the extra oomph that makes life joyful & memorable.

We share tips from pros who know to make it easier for your projects to turn out perfectly the first time, and every time.

Whether it’s a recipe, a seasonal chore or a craft, you can get it right the first time by tips from the pros who know. That can be a celebrity chef or a pitmaster, a florist or a contractor.

micromastery by robert Twigger

In his book Micromastery, Robert Twigger explains that a pro who has mastered his field knows the “secret” foundational skill or perspective for success.

Twigger calls this an entry trick, “the piece of insider information that elevates your initial attempt above that of the average first-timer” which speeds up our learning and increases our chances of sticking with it.

Pros who know to share their “entry trick” tips with you so your abilities improve exponentially, and allow you to do it right on the first try. This way you can wow your crowd without years of training.

We share a selection of tips for most recipes to help you add your own special touch to create a signature recipe that everyone will recognize as yours when they see it.

We make it easy for you to add flair to projects too add a touch of your personality to everything you do.

guests applauding galette hostess special touch

We don’t just give you a list of ingredients & directions, we tell you what you need to know to make cooking easy & fun.

  • step-by-step instructions for all skill levels in easy to understand terms
  • fast & easy or DIY-joy choice available for many recipes
  • information & inspiration from the pros who know like celebrity chefs & pitmasters
  • tips on how to make it perfect the first try
  • show you how to add your own special touch to create a signature dish
  • holiday & party theme recipe ideas
  • interesting history behind what you’re cooking to feel part of it all
mother and daughter having fun cooking

Here you can find inspiration to make anything into a mini-celebration.

  • good morning dance party at breakfast
  • the beginning or ending of a project needs a party
  • binge party for a new show
  • call a celebration for a new haircut, outfit or eyeglasses that make you feel fabulous
  • hold an open house for new decor in your home that you want to show off
  • review party for a highly-anticipated movie
  • cleaning the house is a dance party 
  • game night with family or friends
  • outdoor movie night
  • themed food to go with your movie to make a party
father and daughter dancing in kitchen adding play to their day

And here’s our proof that adding play to your day is the glue to great relationships.

As mom to three 30-something kids, I know from experience that putting more play in your day creates happy family memories that binds hearts.

Whenever we get together we spend our time laughing about all the crazy things we’ve done we’ve done over the years – and doing more crazy things to continue building fun memories together.

And now as young adults, the kids are doing crazy things together, just them. Here’s a photo of the three of them on a Florida vacation together, spending the day as Harry Potter’s friends at Universal Studios.

When kids bond, they are each other’s friend for life.

Today, my son’s other friends told him that they wish they were as close to their brother as he is – they are besties.

at harry potter
My 3 kids & a friend at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando.

We adore our Merrymaker friends!

We are so grateful for all of the Merrymakers who are a part of it all:

  • by signing up for our newsletter magazine
  • leaving such funny & thoughtful comments
  • sharing photos of their baking, parties, and adventures

Our Merrymakers are a special part of the experience here at Playtime & Party.

We hope sharing your reactions to the articles, uploading your photos and voting up the best comments is another way to add fun to your day.

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