About us

We believe good times are the glue to great relationships & how we create a life we love.

Being a Merrymaker is a lifestyle of fun & celebration that creates happy memories and bonds great relationships with Good Times Glue. Playfulness brings out our best & most creative self. At Playtime & Party we know that there are times when you are short on resources: time, energy, or money. It is our goal to make it easy to be playful during those times so you can always be your best self. 


At Playtime & Party we make it easy for women to create a little magic every day through party plans with printables for decorations and themed ideas for food & entertainment, printable games to add immediate download fun, daily holiday celebrations, workbooks to become their best selves, and baking & cooking tips from pros who know to wow their crowd, so they can build a lifetime of happy memories with family and friends, the good times glue to great relationships.

Living proof of Good Times Glue

It started when my kids were young.

In our home, every day was a celebration. From unbirthday parties to seasonal fun, daily holidays and new haircuts, there was always something to celebrate. 

And now that they’re adults? They are close. They take holidays together, come home for calendar holidays and keep in touch. Good times are the glue of great relationships. 

Inspiration & information to put more play in your day

We share ideas to make it easy to have fun with family & friends.

On our website PlaytimeAndParty.com, there’s step-by-step instructions for parties, themed recipes, decorations and games – we tell you everything you need to know. From a short daily holiday celebration to themed food to go with your movie, we try to make it easy for you to celebrate life every single day in some way. 

Immediate download simplicity

Our printables take party planning, decorating and games next-level easy.

Printable party games for adults and kids. Party printables and ideas for your party theme. Party planners to keep you organized and on-track rather than overwhelmed.

Get party planning ideas on our website.

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