Adult Backwards Party Ideas for Crazy Fun

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Ready for some crazy fun? Here are some very awesome Adult Backwards Party ideas with Instagram-worthy moments!

Costumes for an Adult Backwards Party

When you invite your guests to your backwards party, send them pics of you – you little trendsetter – wearing your clothes backwards to inspire them.

Ask them all to wear their clothes backwards to the party – let them know that there will be a prize for the best backwards outfit.

Wearing your clothes backwards can actually be quite chic.

chic backwards outfits for women
graphic blouse backwards

Pump Up the Fun with a Backwards Fashion Show

Now that everyone is dressed up, show it off with a Backwards Fashion Show!

1. Create a runway.
This can be as simple as unrolling solid red wrapping paper for a red carpet and setting chairs along each side. (Although the chairs are enough to create a runway space.)

2. Add a box of props.
Look through your cupboards and drawers for interesting props – like the pipe my son is holding in the photo above. Include feather boas, glasses, sunglasses, hats, fake weapons, jewelry. Raid your Halloween costume collection!

3. Get a awesome playlist ready so the models can walk in time with the music.

You need a funky beat & no vocals. And maybe confetti cannons.

adult backwards party ideas

4. Did someone show up not in backwards costume? Their punishment is to be the emcee of the fashion show!

Or . . . who in you group loves to talk or is a budding comedian? They’ll probably do a fantastic job introducing each “model” and describing their outfits. (Or maybe everyone wants a turn.)

5. Now the “models” walk down the runway – backwards!
Of course they have to walk backwards – their clothing is facing that way; it makes it more difficult, and therefore funnier too. (If your runway is paper, they should really take their shoes off so it lasts for all the models – and it makes it safer to walk backwards, too.)

6. Tell everyone to get their cameras out.
This gives them the full effect of being a supermodel as they walk down the runway. If you have a friend who takes amazing photos, ask them to be the official photographer for the event. (Of course you’ll want everyone to post their photos on Facebook or Instagram so the whole world knows what an awesome time they’re having at your amazing Backwards Party.)

7. Give awards.
Offer a prize to the best backward-dressed person, the backwards superstar who rocked the runway, and the best paparazzi who took photos of all the crazy looks. The emcee should get a special award for their job, too. Your local dollar store or party supply store usually carry little Oscar-style statuettes that are perfect for your award.

Adult Backwards Party Games

{Mind Bending} Walk & Talk Backwards

  • Give your guests each a “Hello My Name Is” name tag with their names spelled backwards. Everyone calls each other by their new name all day.
  • Greet everyone with a hearty “Goodbye” instead of hello and even talk backwards if you can.
  • Walk backwards everywhere you go.
  • Write with your opposite hand all day.
  • Have a prize for the person who walks & talks backwards the best or the most during the party.
backwards name tag

{Chaotic Fun} Opposite Charades

opposite charades backwards game

Tape a word or phrase on a person’s back for them to guess within a specified time limit.

Everyone else – yes, everyone at the same time – acts out the clues to help him guess the answer. It’s utter chaos – and so much fun!

You may want to narrow it down for them with Food, Person, Movie Title, Movie Character, Place, Object, etc.

Want to make it even more challenging? Use the Minute to Win It timer for a more dramatic countdown – and only 60 seconds to guess the answer!

Minute To Win It Timer (Version 5 #01)

{Crazy Fun} Limbo

adults playing limbo game

For an adult backwards party you have to limbo!

If you don’t want to spring for a limbo set, you can use a broomstick, scarf or pool noodle and a person holding each end (which can pump up the fun depending on their ability to hold the limbo set steady 😉

And if you’re limbo-ing (is that a word?), you just have to have Chubby Checker’s Limbo Rock playing in the background. (Sorry, couldn’t find one of him singing backwards.)

Chubby Checker - limbo rock

{Mingle Madness} Giant Twister Ultimate

Giant Twister Ultimate Game

This Twister game includes a spinner and a plastic floor mat that’s twice the size of the original with more and bigger colored spots. 

It even has spinner-less play so everyone can Twister. Use the Twister Spinner Alexa skill (Alexa device sold separately. When using Alexa, sound comes from the paired Echo device.)

Available at Amazon.

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Adult Backwards Party Ideas for Crazy Fun