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You’ve got your crew of friends together and you’re a little bored. What to do? Here are some adult games that don’t require equipment beyond paper and pens.

If your friends are all together but looking at their phones and not interacting, jump in with game that doesn’t require any equipment and can be played at the spur of the moment.

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We make it easy! Here are some adult games that don’t require equipment, except maybe paper and pens.

Two Truths and a Lie Game

two truths and a lie game

Two Truths and a Lie is a fun game for adults, especially for a group of friends who think they know everything about each other. It’s also a great icebreaker game for a group who don’t know anything about each other – this is a game where they introduce themselves.

This game is pretty much what it sounds like. Each person takes a turn making three one-sentence statements, two are true and one is false.

The goal is to make one false statement that sounds like it could be true but in reality would never happen in a million years. And also make two truthful statements that aren’t in line with what people expect of you. This makes it soooo difficult to detect the lie!

Each person takes a turn making their 3 statements. After everyone takes a guess as to which statement is a lie, they reveal the truth. About the lie. Everyone who guessed the correct lying statement gets a point.

The game can end when everyone has had a turn making statements or a time limit.

The person with the most points is the winner. Crown them either the best guesser or the one who knows everyone the best!

Never Have I Ever

Expect a little embarrassment and a lot of laughs with this game.

For this game give each person 10 small candies. (Of course you have candies, right?) The object of the game is to make everyone else eat their candies and have the most left at the end of the game.

One player makes a true statement about something they have not done. For example, “Never have I ever dated more than one person at a time.” Anyone who can’t say the same thing eats a candy. Then you’ll know who’s dated more than one person at a time.

Continue with the next person and so on until there is one person with at least one candy left. There’s strategy to this game. A guy could say, “Never have I ever worn nail polish,” to try and get all the ladies to eat one of their candies.

Guess Who Game

Guess who game

If you want to make it really chaotic, play it backwards.

Tape the name of the character on the guesser’s back. They have to keep turning for everyone to see the name and then turn back to ask questions.

When everyone is doing it at the same time – especially in a large group – it’s craziness! But a great icebreaker when you can only ask one question of everyone in the room.

After a set time limit ask everyone to be seated and go around the room to see if they can correctly guess the name on their back.

guess who game sign on back

You don’t need any equipment other than stick-it notes, a pen and a quick mind for this game.

Think of a fictional character or real celebrity. Write that name on a stick-it note and put the note on a player’s forehead without them seeing it. Put a sticker on each person’s forehead (have someone do the same for you).

Tip: when you write the name on the stick-it note, turn the pad upside down, with the sticky band at the bottom. This is easier to wear on your forehead without the note covering your eyes!

The goal of the game is to ask questions until you know the name on your forehead.

You can either take turns until everyone guesses the name on their forehead, or you can make it a free-for-all and have everyone asking questions of each other at the same time.

It’s a good idea to narrow down the choices to one category such as superheroes, characters in a particular book, TV show or movie, basketball athletes.

If you want to make it really chaotic, play it backwards.

Tape the name of the character on the guesser’s back. They have to keep turning for everyone to see the name and then turn back to ask questions.

Beware the Blob Adult Hide & Seek Game

beware the blob game

One person is designated The Blob. They hide their eyes and count to 100 while everyone else in the group finds a place to hide in a designated area.

The Blob searches for everyone. When they have found a hider, that person joins hands with them and follows The Blob wherever they go. (You have been assimilated.) The next one discovered joins hands, and so on.

Decide whether you will allow the new members of The Blob to help find hiders as they go along together, or if it’s up the the original Blob only.

The Blob can make it more fun by making the others follow them over and under furniture as they go!

The game ends when everyone has been found except one last hero-of-a-hider, or everyone is exhausted or frustrated with searching. Those who have not been discovered are the winners.

Alternate version: Photo tag

The Game Gal came up with this one. If there’s no where to hide where you are, this is a fun alternative. Maybe even more fun!

Instead of having to hide their whole body, players just have to hide their head or their face.

The one who is “it” counts to 3 and then uses their phone to try and take a photo of each player’s face. People get distracted, laugh too hardy, things happen. You’ll get their photo eventually – even if you have to fake taking a photo in the other direction!

Telephone Charades

woman thinking of what charade to do

This is a combination of two oldies but goodies. It’s like charades, but with a fun twist. No one speaks, but everyone laughs.

The first person in a line thinks of a charade: an object, book or movie title, a well-known character.

Everyone in the line faces away from that person so they don’t see what they’re doing. When that first person is ready to act out their charade, they tap the person next to them on the shoulder and act it out.

That person guesses what they are acting out in their mind. They don’t say a thing. If they aren’t sure yet, they shake their head no. The first person tries a new way to get the message across. When the guesser thinks they know what the charade is, they shake their head yes and tap the shoulder of the person next to them. At no point do they speak. They think they know what the person was acting out, but they don’t know for sure.

The charade is acted out for each person in turn, with only one charade actor and one guesser. Others who have already guessed can watch as the new person tries to do a better job of conveying the charade – which may or may not be the right one! But they can’t say a thing.

The last person in the telephone line is the one who speaks. They watch the person act out the charade, shaking their head no when they can’t guess, until they think they know what it is.

The last person says aloud what they think the answer of the charade is, and everyone can gasp in shock if they’re correct, or discuss who’s fault when it’s wrong!

No, Because Game

This is a version of 20 questions that is more difficult. The guesser leaves the room and everyone choose and object. It’s better to have the category narrowed before playing: food, fruit, animal, something in a fire station, etc.

The guesser asks questions to figure out what the object is, but the other players answer with “No, because . . .” with a reason.

For example, something in your house:

  • Is it a chair? No, because you can’t sit on it.
  • Is it in the living room? No because it is in a drawer.
  • Is it a spoon? No because you can’t cut with it.
  • Is it a knife? Yes!

Press Conference Game

press conference game

This is a backwards guessing game. The leader is the one who has to guess!

Everyone decides who will be the guesser. That person leaves the room. Everyone else decides on what well-known fictional character or real famous personality the guesser will be.

The guesser is called back into the room. Everyone treats them like they are actually that person at a press conference. They ask questions based on the life of the person. They keep asking questions until the person thinks they know who they are and takes a guess.

Decide whether guessers get one or more guesses. After they guess, either correctly or incorrectly, it’s someone else’s turn to be the subject of the press conference.

Pile of Shoes Game

pile of shoes game

Everyone has shoes, right? No need for other equipment for this game. Decide whether you will use one or both shoes.

Put everyone’s shoes in a pile the furthest away from seating. The goal is for everyone to race to the pile, find their shoe, put it on the correct foot and race back to their original seat. First person back sitting in their seat with their shoe on properly wins. (This means tied if it’s a shoe with shoelaces, or buckled, etc.)

You can make it more difficult by hiding the shoes and players have to find them before they can wear them back to their seat.

Name That Tune

Based on the famous TV game show, this is an easy game to play with any size group. One person chooses a song that the others try to guess.

You can:

  • hum a few lines
  • sing your favorite part of the song
  • play a few bars on an instrument
  • play a portion on your ipod or phone

You can go with one designated song leader or everyone can take turns.

It’s a good idea to decide on a topic or genre of music to make it easier: country songs, movie tunes, songs from the 60s, Disney songs, jazz, etc.

Whoever guesses the most wins, but it’s usually difficult to know who guessed first with everyone shouting out their answers.

Everyone usually wants to hear the song afterwards, so it’s a good idea to have access to it on Amazon Prime Music, Spotify or itunes.

Name that Movie

name that movie game

The leader thinks of a movie quote from their favorite movie. If someone else knows the movie, they add their own movie quote. (If they have the wrong movie, the leader lets them know.)

Continue until everyone either adds their own quote or guesses the movie. (Or can’t.)

There’s no real winner. It’s just fun!

Another way to play is by sharing songs or music from the movie from your phone. (Is this now the Name That Tune game?)

Friday the 13th movie quote examples:

  • “When I looked into that mirror I knew I’d always be ugly. I said, “Lizzy, you’ll always be plain.”
  • “What you been smoking, boy?”
  • “You’re going to Camp Blood, ain’t ya?”
  • “Jason was my son, and today is his birthday.”
  • “I’m a messenger of God. You’re doomed if you stay here!”
  • “The crocodiles are in the cabin.”

Floppy Socks Game

Everyone wears their socks just over their toes, but not on the heel, so it flops off the toe.

The goal is to step on everyone else’s sock toe and hope they’ll move their foot and it will pull off – without your own floppy sock coming off!

Once both socks are off, you’re out. Last person with a floppy sock still on their foot wins.

Now there will be those who will try to stay out of the fray in hopes of it being a winning strategy. These are the people who usually are ganged up on! Keep your eyes on more than just your own socks.


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