Arg! It's Pirate Toast Matey

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jolly roger pirate toast stamp
This Pirates On Toast Jolly Roger Toast Stamp is available from Think Geek.

What They Say:

The Malliard reaction is what it’s called when complex starches and sugars caramelize. It makes most things more delicious, plus it ads a nice roasty-toasty golden brown color to your food. Occasionally, the patterns of caramelized sugars can almost appear to resemble something else – words in an ancient language, the visage of mythological or religious figures, and very rarely harbingers of doom.
The Jolly Roger, first flown by pyrates in the early 18th century, would appear to sailors and it would often be followed death and fire. Nowadays, the Jolly Roger has symbolized a certain aspect of digital lawlessness, and was often met with injunctions and fines. Now, you can meet it with toast!
The Pirates on Toast Jolly Roger Toast Stamp presses a barely noticeable impression of the skull-and-crossbones into your bread. Pop said bread into your toaster, and in a few short moments, out pops a delicious piece of toasted bread – and lo! The Jolly Roger flies bony and menacing in your breakfast!

See It in Action:


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