Baby Shower & Party Ideas to Celebrate Your Pregnancy Every Step of the Way

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A baby shower is one way we celebrate and prepare for the birth of a new member to our family & crew of friends. But there are so many ways to celebrate this milestone, and we have party ideas for every step of the way from birth announcement to after the baby’s arrival.

There are different parties to celebrate the joy of your pregnancy with different people in your life. A baby shower with co-workers can be totally different that a get-together with your closest friends. Each party can have a different meaning for the mom-to-be, the dad-to-be and the infant.

Pregnancy Announcement Party

surprise pregnancy announcement at birthday party

When you hear the good news, there are those who you want to tell right away face-to-face or by phone call, but a baby announcement deserves a wow factor. Don’t just post on social media, make it a party! Announce your baby with flair. A surprise party is always the most fun. Invite everyone to a party for another reason, one that’s believable so they won’t suspect.

There are a million ways to make a pregnancy announcement, so choose one that suits your personality. You can decorate for said party with everything about the baby announcement so the joy begins as soon as they step in the door, or you can bring out a whammo-surprise pregnancy announcement event that makes them cry, jump for joy and fall to their knees.

Drop-In Congratulations Party

men and women at open house baby shower

There are so many people that are happy for your good news and want to congratulate you – both of you. Why not have an open house and invite everyone to stop by during a certain time period to celebrate this milestone with you.

You can ask for best wishes only, or leave it open for gifts. Invite everyone both the dad-to-be and mom-to-be know, those who will be happy for the new addition. There’s co-workers, college buddies, sports team friends, church friends, extended family, neighbors and any other people who weren’t invited to your pregnancy announcement party.

Have a beverage and dessert bar and encourage everyone to mill around and visit. Make sure you take time to greet everyone who shows up. Don’t let anyone monopolize your time. If you know there’s “that one person” who will be a little clingy, ask a parent or another close and trusted friend to intervene and start a conversation with them so you can be free to mingle once again.

Gender Reveal Party

Gender Reveal party cake

Ask your ultrasound technician not to tell you the gender. Instead, have them seal the results in an envelope. Take the envelope to a bakery, and ask them to tint cake batter pink or blue according to the results, then cover it with your favorite icing. At your Gender Reveal Party, cut into the cake to discover your baby’s gender and share the surprise with those you love.

Baby Shower

girl baby shower gifts

Mom-to-be usually gets a baby shower thrown for her, and there are a million different themes that can be baby-cute or reflect mom’s personality or even the time of year such as a pumpkin princess party in the fall. Depending on the family’s needs, they can have the baby shower at the beginning of the third trimester and use a gift registry at a baby store or their favorite department store so they get the exact baby paraphernalia they want.

If the family is providing the major equipment themselves, many choose to have the shower after the baby is born so they are 100% sure of the baby’s gender. (A friend of mine had a stillborn baby and it was traumatic to have to give back all the gifts. So our group of friends held every baby shower after the baby was born from then on. After the birth of our first baby, we received so many beautiful girl clothes in all different sizes that I literally didn’t have to buy clothing for the first year. They even planned the right size by season!)

Another tradition that people are trying, is to ask baby shower guests not to buy a card. Instead, buy their favorite children’s book and write a note in the front cover. Then the parents and child have a collection of storybooks and best wishes that they will read for years to come.

Dadchelor Party

dadchelor or bachelor party

Moms-to-be aren’t the only ones getting celebrated. Dadchelor parties (also known as man-showers, diaper parties and daddymoons) are fun ways for expectant fathers to celebrate too. Set the date of the party at least one month before the baby’s due date.

Baby Sprinkle

baby sprinkle party

This is a baby shower for a mom who already has kids, but her family and friends want to celebrate her excitement with her. She’s not being “showered” with gifts, just “sprinkled”. The gifts are usually consumable items such as diapers, pharmacy items for baby and special items for mom like her favorite tea.

Pregnancy Portraits

pregnancy portrait

Professional photographers are receiving more visits from moms-to-be as they pose for portraits and immortalize their pregnancy as a treasured keepsake. Many maternity photos are taken at the beginning of the third trimester. Review the photographer’s portfolio to ensure their style is a good fit with yours.

Discuss the types of photos you want, what to expect at the shoot and options for albums, prints and other photo-related merchandise. Plan your budget before you go. Photographers always have a million ways to show the photos that you really like, but you can’t afford them all.

You can use the photo as pregnancy announcement cards, and you can include the photo in a party invitation.


pregnant couple at beach on babymoon

These are vacations parents-to-be take before the arrival of their baby. It can be an exotic excursion or a quiet weekend getaway close to home. Minimize travel time, don’t plan 24/7 activity, and know where the nearest medical facility is in your location. This is a party just for the two who know their lives are about to drastically change and want to connect in a special way before that happens.


Blessingway party

A Blessingway or Mother’s Blessing is a special party focused on the mom-to-be rather than the baby. It’s not like a baby shower with games and gifts. It is a gathering of her closest family and friends who will be her support after the baby’s arrival. The point of the party is to impart strength to the mother just before her due date. Anxiety is common in first-time moms so those who have already gone through the experience can reassure her.

This all-female fest is so everyone can affirm the mom-to-be, and make the her journey into motherhood memorable. It is intended to focus on the spiritual side, and to calm and relax the mom before giving birth. The idea originated from a Navajo tribe, but today it is used by all faiths to pray, send best wishes and uphold the new mom with a show of love.

Usually everyone sits in a circle and participates all the way around. Some of the things that can be done is to have participants

  • write or read a poem that is meaningful to them about birth or motherhood
  • share their birth stories
  • tell the mom-to-be what they love most about her & affirm the qualities she possesses that will make her a great mother
  • say a prayer for her, her new child and the family
  • make promises as to how they are going to help her in the early days of motherhood & beyond

There are usually physical ways to make mom relax like a foot massage. Have a spa day after the spiritual ritual to help her release tension.

Sip & See the Baby Party

sip and see baby shower

Not everybody gets to visit the baby in the hospital so after mom and babe are settled at home, they can have a simple party with beverages and dessert to invite family and friends to meet the newest member of the crew. It’s a meet & greet for the baby! Keep it simple, a self-serve is best. Remember they’re there to see the baby, not for the amazing spread.

Congratulations on your happy news! Have fun celebrating this milestone in life. I hope these ideas inspire you.

It’s your turn!

How do you celebrate your pregnancy? Add a photo to your comment.


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