Be in Charge of a Sushi Restaurant with Nintendo Sushi Go Round

Sushi Go Round puts you in charge of a Sushi Restaurant, and it’s your job to turn it into a successful enterprise and keep your customers happy! Your memory and skills will be pushed to their limits as you memorize recipes, prepare meals, order ingredients and expand your business in the hustle and bustle of a busy restaurant.

SouthPeak Sushi Go Round

SouthPeak Sushi Go Round


What They Say:

Based on the hit online casual game from, Sushi Go Round has been played 60m+ times!
Enjoy sushi-to-go or as a sit-down experience on Nintendo DS. Use the stylus or Wii motion controls to select sushi ingredients and pass your rolled sensations to customers. Get your friends and loved ones into the game as your customers with DSi camera interactivity.
Experience frantic, addicting gameplay as you create delicious sushi, serve customers, and keep your ingredients well-stocked. Try your hand at a different flavor of game in modes such as Endless Day, Forbidden Mode, Time-Attack and Puzzle Mode.
Rated E (Everyone) but does have alcohol reference
The Nintendo Sushi Go Round game is available from


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