Blarney Blast St Patricks Day Kids Party is Full of Games

st patricks day kids partyAre you looking for a St Patricks Day Party for older kids?

Here is one that they’ll love!

  • No craft projects that older kids groan about
  • Balance of active games, creative games & trivia so everyone can excel at something
  • Lots of food, lots of fun, and lots of lies!

What more could a kid ask?

Set Up the Blarney Zone

blarney zone tapeSince we’re encouraging them to lie all day at this St Patricks Day kids party, you may want to set up a Blarney Zone with caution tape so all the lies are contained in one area and everything returns to normal outside the zone!

This 20′ Blarney Zone Party Tape is from Amazon for $1.99.


chasing to pinchLet the fun begin!

This game can be used as the “icebreaker” to give the kids something to do while waiting for everyone to arrive to the party.

Begin by telling the kids the following tradition of pinching anyone who doesn’t wear green on St Patricks Day.

no pinching st patricks day shirt(Make sure you’re wearing green – or maybe even our “No Pinching” T-shirt or button as a transition into the story.)
There is a legend that leprechauns pinch people on St Patrick’s Day, and the only way to save yourself is the “Wearin’ o’ the Green” because then you blend right in with the Emerald Isle, Ireland, and they can’t see you. Whenever you see someone who isn’t wearing green, pinch them to remind them that the leprechauns will get them.
After a few minutes of the kids without green getting chased around, give them all something green to wear to put an end to the torture! You can usually find green stickers at any department store, or here are some ideas we discovered at Century Novelty:

Don’t Laugh at the Leprechaun

Now that they’re all hyper, keep the ball rolling with this game. Divide the group into two teams. Each team lines up about 4 feet away from each other with all the kids facing each other. Two players, one from each team stands at either end of the space, bow to each other and say “Dia Dhuit” (pronounced jee-ah ghwit) which means hello in Irish Gaelic.

Hagoo teams

The two players, keeping eye contact, walk towards each other. They pass and then walk to the end of the line. While the two players are walking, the team members in the line try to make the opposing player laugh as they pass by. They can make faces, act silly, tell jokes, but are not permitted to touch the person or move out of the line.
The Goal: to walk thru the space and keep a straight face. No smiling, no laughing. If the player smiles or laughs they have to join the opposing team.
How to Win: the person who is the only one not to smirk, smile or laugh is the real leprechaun. You may want to set a time limit on this game because it may be impossible to have just one person standing at the end.

Hints & Tips

st patricks day party favor lip whistle with leprechaun beard

If you want to make the game really boisterous, you can give each of the kids a St. Patrick’s Day Lip Whistle – a whistle they put in their mouth that gives them a leprechaun’s beard.

With the whistle in place they have to make the “walkers” laugh by their antics instead of what they say, making the game more difficult. It’s noisy, physical fun that gives even the most shy something to do.

If there are some party-goers that wouldn’t participate by making faces or shouting out, this makes them feel part of the group just by using a whistle.

Of course, when it is their turn to walk through the lineup the participants should remove their whistle so everyone will know when they laugh!

Plastic lip whistle with cardstock beard and mustache. $3.95 per dozen from Century Novelty.

leprechaun hat and beard costumeThe Leprechaun Hat and Beard is a perfect prize for the winner, since the winner is considered a “real” leprechaun.

Approximately 21″ circumference around inside of hat – green top hat with green beard attached.

$4.99 at Century Novelty.


Now they’re probably ready to play a sitting game. Have them all take a seat around the table for a card game. You’ll need a deck of cards for every five kids, so consider two games playing simultaneously if you have more than ten kids.

kissing the blarney stone

Tell them about the Blarney Stone:

(If you would like to print the above picture to show them while you’re talking, click on it to see just the photo and then print or save.)

The Blarney Stone is a block of Bluestone built into the tower wall at Blarney, Ireland. The legend is that kissing the Blarney Stone gives that person the “gift of Blarney” – which is the ability to talk someone into something, the gift of gab, or the ability to flatter.

(It’s also called the ability to tell a man to go to hell in such a way as he will look forward to the trip but we’ll keep that just between you and me. . .)

How to Play Blarney

cards(The card game I call Blarney is based on the game you may know as Cheat or Doubt It.)

Deal out all the cards, face down. (It doesn’t matter if some players have more cards than others.) The person with the Ace of Spades goes first – if playing with two decks the Ace of Spades closest to the dealer’s left goes first.

Players have three choices:

  • Play the expected cards they have in their hand – in this case the Ace of Spades and any other aces.
  • Play a different card from their hand and bluff, saying it is what is expected.
  • Or they can do both: play the expected card with other cards. This could also involve a bluff – you could say you were playing three aces but actually put four or five cards down.

After the first person plays the Ace of Spades, the person sitting at their left is expected to play deuces (twos). They do one of the three choices above, playing a different card if they don’t have a two in their hand because you must discard a card when its your turn.

cards 2When discarding, the player places their cards face-down in a pile in the center of the table and announces what it is expected to be: “three twos”. They could be bluffing, or they could be telling the truth. (“Don’t Laugh at the Leprechaun” was great practice for keeping a ‘poker face’ now.)
Now the other players have a choice. They can either accept that the person is telling the truth or challenge them if they think the person is bluffing. If they think they’re bluffing they shout out “Blarney!” and turn over the cards the person played. If the person was bluffing they must pick up all the cards on the table. If they weren’t bluffing the person who challenged them must pick up all the cards in the pile.
Whoever picked up the pile of cards now plays, expected to put the next number in the center of the table, which would be threes in this instance. Yes, this could mean that some players get skipped or the same person who just played has to play again.
The object of the game is to keep playing until one person is able to discard all of their cards and be declared the winner – which usually involves having the correct numbered card to play on their last turn.
If two people call Blarney at the same time, the person closest to the player’s left hand will be the one who challenges and turns over the cards.
It’s recommended that you set a time limit for play.

Would you like to play something other than a card game?
Liar’s Dice is a lively game where kids attempt to out-bid, out-bluff and out-last each other. A game for two to four players, ages eight and up. Available from

St Patrick’s Day Mad Lib

Older kids love to play Mad Lib! Print off the mad lib questionnaire at Snapfish (scroll down to the second page) and have one person ask for suggestions and fill in the blanks. If your kids are younger, instead of ‘adjective’ ask for a describing word, and instead of ‘noun’ ask for a thing.

After filling in all the blanks read the story aloud. When the laughter dies down, fill in the blanks for a whole new story!

Blarney Blast Photo Booth & Decoration Ideas

personalized st patricks day photo boothPersonalized Leprechaun Standee where everyone can be a leprechaun. They just stand behind the standee, poke their face through the hole and voila! they have a customized photo of their fun at your party.

Each cardboard Standee is 6′ h x 3′ w, and can be customized with two lines of copy. Easy assembly.

$32 at

st patricks day decoration balloon arch for photo boothSt Patricks Day Balloon Arch features two pots of gold – one with a leprechaun – and balloon rainbow.

The balloon arch is made from cardboard and 6 dozen assorted color balloons and measures over 9 feet high x 10 feet wide x 2 feet deep.

Perfect for the grand entrance, a photo opportunity and more.

$99.99 at


I hope I’ve given you a few ideas that can add fun to your kids St Patricks Day party!


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What Now?

Information about the Blarney Stone from Wikipedia.

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