Bowling Across America: Tale of a Son Fulfilling His Father's Dream

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If you liked the movie Elizabethtown, you’ll love this real-life story of a man who sets out to accomplish his father’s dream to bowl in all 50 states after his passing. Great gift for anyone who loves bowling.
Bowling Across America (Hardcover)
Bowling Across America

Describes how the author quit his job after the unexpected death of his father to travel throughout the country and bowl rounds in each of the fifty states, an endeavor that sparked sympathy in others and brought the author into the realms of people from all walks of life. 25,000 first printing.
What They Say:
From Publishers Weekly
After Walsh’s father dies in the middle of a handball game, the young advertising executive quits his job to follow a variant on one of the old man’s dreams by bowling at least once in all 50 states. (Walsh tried to add the District of Columbia to the list, but the White House wasn’t keen on letting him roll in its basement lanes.) Walsh’s story has a string of amusing moments—he loses a game against a blind man, has failed romantic encounters in three different states and almost misses his last game because of a stubborn car rental clerk—but lacks dramatic tension. From the moment he sets out in the car his mother lends him, Walsh’s ability to complete his mission is never in doubt; as soon as he mentions the possibility of a sponsorship from a beer company, readers can safely assume he’ll close the deal—which simply means he spends most of the trip drinking their beer. It’s a clever enough story, but apart from some self-deprecating quips about how women (like his ex-girlfriend) don’t really go for unemployed nomads, readers looking for a transformative life lesson will have to look elsewhere. (Oct. 30)
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From Booklist
When his father died, the author, an advertising executive, made a decision that, on its surface, seems, well . . . foolish. His father, you see, always had this dream of playing handball in all 50 states, and Walsh wanted to honor the man by embarking on his own quest, to bowl his way from one state to another. So he quit his job, borrowed his mother’s car, and set out on the road, full of enthusiasm but lacking any real idea of how he was going to support himself. This very entertaining book tells two stories, both of them about the same man: the story of an adventurous guy who just wants to have some fun, and the story of a tireless self-promoter who talks his way onto radio and television shows, newspaper interviews, and major-league sponsorships. Along the way he meets a variety of people, each of whom offers a distinctive slice of life, and (of course) he discovers a few surprising things about himself. Charming, funny, and sometimes heartwarming. –David Pitt


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