Breaking News: Anthony Daniels as C3PO Pilots the New Star Tours

anthony daniels c3po photo by Rondador

Tom Fitzgerald, Executive VP & Senior Creative Executive, Walt Disney Imagineering has announced who will be piloting the new Star Tours attraction when it re-launches next spring, and it’s a wonderful surprise.

At first they created a new droid, the AC-series Tour Droid – or ACE – but thanks to the input of many fans of the original pilot REX  and even George Lucas himself the Disney Imagineers have changed the storyline for the Star Tours attraction.

It will now include all three droids, but by the time the Starspeeder begins its tour it will have our all-time favorite droid C3PO at the helm.

Anthony Daniels has been working with Disney Hollywood Studios in the part of 3CPO once again.  He’s kept his secret long enough.  Now that it is officially announced, he is free to “announce the glorious new storyline from the rooftops”.

Photo of Anthony Daniels by Randador


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