Cast Iron Bacon Press – a Must-have for the Bacon Connaisseur

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cast iron bacon press
Cast Iron Bacon Press with Wooden Handle
Price: $22.63

This cast iron press is perfect for shortening the cook time of your bacon and warming breads and sandwiches to perfection. Simply hold the metal press down on a hot skillet and then use it to press the top of cooking meats and breads.

  • Features a comfortable handle for preparing large meals.
  • Cast iron press cooks bacon faster and warms breads.
  • Use by holding the metal down on the skillet and placing on top of the food you wish to cook.
  • Made of Cast iron
  • Comfortable handle

How to use: Rest the cast iron press on your skillet or griddle to warm. Use the press on top of rows of bacon to speed cooking times as it cooks from both sides. Set the hot press on top of your favorite bun sandwiches over the grill and let the heat warm the bun. The grill lines from the ridged bottom will sear the sandwich for a tasty presentation.
Great ideas never die, they only improve. The seasoned Advantage Cast Iron Bacon Press is a handy tool for the outdoor chef too.


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