Colette's Story – A Breast Cancer Patient's Story of Hope & How You Can Help

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I’ve been looking for ideas for decorating my new house and discovered a wonderful designer named Kellee Katillac.  Why is she wonderful?  Yes, she has great ideas for interior design, but more than that – she brings hope the hurting with her designs.

In conjunction with Guideposts Magazine she has redecorated the bedroom of Colette Gauthier, a woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and given a 5 – 15% survival rate.

After chemotherapy Colette will spend a lot of time in her bedroom recuperating, and this bedroom will bring her joy and remind her of God’s care through this “Miracle Makeover”.

To see an update on Colette’s fight against breast cancer, visit Country Wings in Phoenix and We Love Colette on Facebook.

Be a Design Angel & Help Too

Here’s your opportunity to help others like Colette, and it won’t cost you a cent!

Go to Kellee Katillac’s website and leave a comment about the Miracle Makeover and Design Gives Back will donate $1 in your name towards the next makeover for someone in need.

Want to give more?  Just visit these partner sites, leave a comment and they’ll donate $1 each too.  

And if you subscribe to Kellee’s site called the “Katillac Shack” you earn double dollars!  Just be sure to let them know you’re a subscriber when you comment.

As if that were not enough incentive, Kellee Katillac is offering a giveaway to everyone who comments as well.  On her site she describes the prizes available including the same art used in the makeover and a Janome sewing machine.

Hurry!  This Miracle Party only lasts for this weekend.  Post your comments on August 28th or 29th and be a Design Angel.


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