Darth Vader Dashboard Insulter for the Road Rage Driver who's a Force to Reckon With

darth vader dashboard insulterDo you know someone who turns to the dark side as soon as they get behind the steering wheel? The Darth Vader Dashboard Driver is the perfect gift for them! Instead of cursing and swearing and flipping the bird they can let Darth Vader take care of all those crazy drivers with the push of a button.
When triggered, Darth will spout the phrases:

  • Most Impressive.
  • You Underestimate the Power of the Dark Side.
  • What is Thy Bidding… My Master?
  • I… Am Your Father.
  • If You Only Knew the Power… Of the Dark Side.
  • You Have Learned much, Young One.
  • I Find your Lack of Faith Disturbing.
  • I Have You Now.
  • The Force is Strong with this One.

Also works as a way to settle arguments between the kids while driving.
Standing at approximately 6.5″ tall and complete with a motion sensor or button-activated use. Powered by 2 AAA batteries, included.


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