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December Daily Holidays, National Days & Special Days for 2022

    December daily holidays national days and special days

    Winter comes in with awesome festivities. Put more play in your winter day by celebrating the December daily holidays. There are several fun holidays, food holidays and national days for each day of the month, so choose one and make it a mini-party, or choose several and make it a fun-filled day of chaos!

    Either way, our ideas will make your celebration one for the memory books. We have play module ideas for entertainment, food, decorations and costumes/t-shirts.

    December 1

    See our daily holidays in advance so you can prepare for your celebration.

    december merrymaker
    • Are you the one with the big ideas? “Let’s do this” or “Let’s go there”.
    • Are you the instigator that everyone follows to the next fun thing?
    • Are you the creative type who adds flair to everything you do?
    • Do you believe in celebrating life?

    You sound like a Merrymaker!

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