Does Your Guy Have Everything? Bet He Doesn't Have This!

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The Namco Rockin’ Bowl-O-Rama from Dazadi is for the guy who thinks he has everything!
What They Say:
A state of the art arcade bowling experience meets fun 50’s style in Rockin’ Bowl-O-Rama. This ain’t your Daddy’s ten-pins: there are six different ways to play, and each game is set to a soundtrack of thirty Rockin’ 50’s songs. Players use the trackball to make their throws and adjust the ball spin. Touch and finesse give you the edge to throw more accurately and score higher. Everytime you make a powerful strike or wiked spare, players have the option of seeing it again in slow motion.
What I Say:
Priced at $6509.95 your man will be the only guy in town who has one.  (But you know he’ll be oh-so-grateful for it!)


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