Easy Lime Sherbet Punch That’s So Delicious

Here is an easy, yummy lime sherbet punch recipe that everyone will love! Perfect for St Patricks Day, or a green themed party. Rumor has it that Paula Deen even served it at her wedding.

This is just what you’re looking for! This lime sherbet punch is very easy to make and always gets rave reviews from our guests. The pineapple juice is optional, but adds a sweetness that we recommend.

What is lime sherbet punch good for?

Lime sherbet punch is a green color, so it is a tasty, easy St Patrick’s Day punch for your party. It’s also great for Halloween, a before-gender-reveal baby shower, a luau, a Grinch Christmas party or any other green party theme. But I’ve got to tell you – we serve it any time we want to sip something cool & sweet. It is one of our favorite flavors of punch for a party.

What is lime sherbet punch made of?

Lime sherbet punch is made with lemon lime soda and of course, lime sherbet. Our recipe also adds pineapple juice for a wonderful tropical zest and sweetness. This punch says it’s party time with its frothiness and bubbles.

Easy Lime Sherbet Punch Recipe


1/2 gallon Lime Sherbet
1 large bottle chilled Lemon Lime Soda
1 (46 ounce) can chilled Pineapple Juice (optional)


Prepare just before serving!

Scoop lime sherbet into large punch bowl, leaving a couple of scoops for a decoration.
Pour soda over sherbet to make a frothiness. In a minute the sherbet will melt and the punch will be green.

Put the last scoops of sherbet in to float like an island in the punch bowl.

Makes about 16 servings.

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