How to Bring the Magic Back to Family Movie Night

bring the magic back to family movie night

Is your family movie night feeling more like a routine than family fun? Here are some ideas to help make your at-home movie nights magic.

Make it more than just watching a movie.

Pick a theme for the night that goes along with the movie. Plan the food around the theme, pull out party decorations and take a few minutes to put them up, challenge everyone to dig through their closet to come up with a costume for the “big event.”

Turn movie night into a family slumber party.

family night slumber party 2
My darling husband came up with this idea! He dragged the biggest mattress into the living room and plunked it in front of the television. The kids were ecstatic! After they were finished jumping for joy all over it they ran to to put on their pajamas – one of the few times we didn’t have to ask them more than once.

Turn movie night into movie weekend.

There were weekends when everyone felt a little “burnt out” or when we knew the weather was going to be bad so we took the family slumber party to the next level and spent the whole weekend in our pajamas crashing in the living room in front of the TV.
We’d select a trilogy like Back to the Future, Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings or watch the whole series of our favorite TV shows like X-files. Sometimes I’d keep the meals simple like a picnic, other times I’d plan the food around the theme of the movie.
The kids loved it and still talk about those weekends as some of their happiest childhood memories.
Once my husband took our boys camping for the weekend and my daughter and I stayed home and had a slumber party weekend watching chick flicks. It was a wonderful bonding time and I discovered that if a parent sticks around long enough to listen to all the “he said/she said” stuff, they get the opportunity to discuss the heavy, important topics too.

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Over to You

Have you had a family slumber party before? What do you think of the idea?
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