Fast and Easy Apple Strudel Recipe

The most difficult part of making apple strudel is making the paper-thin layers of Viennese dough. It takes so much time and effort – and years to perfect. And then it takes just a few minutes for your guests to devour! This fast and easy apple strudel recipe is the perfect balance of baking & eating.

America’s Test Kitchen tried to make apple strudel the traditional way but found it difficult with a result that was unsatisfactory. They discovered that using store-bought phyllo dough made it easier with amazing results. They also made 2 small strudels instead of one big one, which was easier to handle. We decided to give this fast and easy apple strudel recipe try.

The great thing about this recipe is that it is easy enough to give you the confidence try, and you get great results. Yes, you’re cutting corners using phyllo dough but you still get to feel like you baked it yourself. In half the time.

How to Make Apple Strudel like a Professional Pastry Chef

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