4 Ways to Celebrate Frankenstein Friday for Kids & Adults

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What would Halloween be without it’s monsters? And the very first one was Dr. Frankenstein’s monster. The last Friday in October is reserved to celebrate Mary Shelley’s famous novel, The Modern Prometheus, now known as Frankenstein.

Celebration 1: Read the book.

Don’t think that because it was written in 1818 Frankenstein is out of date.

In fact, in a day when technology is growing faster than ever it is a reminder that its growth must not outpace our conscience.

Mary Shelley rewrote A Modern Prometheus in 1934 because people thought is was too gory and horrifying that a girl of 19 could write such horrors.

You can read the novel on Kindle* for 99 cents, but my favorite is Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein*, the graphic novel by the comic book legend.

With a preface by Stephen King, and Wrightson’s masterful illustrations, it is more than just a book, it is a treasure.

This collection includes the four-issue series along with an extended gallery section of never-before-seen layouts and pencils by Wrightson, all scanned from the original art.

Frankenstein Bernie Wrightson edition
Frankenstein Bernie Wrightson illustration
Frankenstein Bernie Wrightson illustration

Don’t have time to read the book today?

Here’s Sparks Notes quickie video version.

mary shelley's original 1818 Frankenstein

Want More?

Read the fascinating history behind Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

It’s interesting to see how personal regrets, a competition between authors and a vivid dream created a monster we all know.

Celebration 2: Watch the movie.

How many of us have really read the book?

Most of us are familiar with Frankenstein’s monster from the classic 1931 horror movie made by Universal Studios with famous horror actor, Boris Karloff.

What better way to celebrate Frankenstein Friday than to watch the classic movie?

It is available on Amazon Prime* or DVD*.

Not into the black & white classics?

See The Best Frankenstein Movies of All Time for a list of all the weird and wonderful Frankenstein movies ever made.

universal studios frankenstein movie

Celebration 3: Make a watermelon carving of Frankenstein’s head.

frankenstein watermelon carving

See the step by step tutorial to carve a watermelon to look like Frankenstein’s head. Includes the recipe for the fruit salad to fill it.

Celebration 4: Just for kids – have a Frankenbath

Frankenbath tub for kids on halloween

A Frankenbath is like the haunted house touch-and-feel slimy guts game, only in the bathtub.

Decorate your bathroom like Frankenstein’s laboratory, prepare your bowls of brains, vomit, eyes and ears, and create memories that last a lifetime for your kids. We show you how! We even have FREE printables.

Tell us how you celebrated!⬇️

Frankenstein Monster action figure with a Fender Stratocaster guitar - humor regarding the Edgar Winter song named Frankenstein
MEGO Corp Frankenstein’s Monster action figure playing his version of the Edgar Winter song Frankenstein on a Fender Stratocaster

Tell us in the comments how you celebrated Frankenstein Friday.

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4 Ways to Celebrate Frankenstein Friday for Kids & Adults4 Ways to Celebrate Frankenstein Friday for Kids & Adults