Funny, Weird and Wonderful Zombie T-shirts for All Ages.

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I'd rather be fighting zombies t shirt

Show the love for the lowly zombie with one of these truly amazing Zombie T shirts!

These zombie t shirts are printed on demand by Cafepress. Click on the design to see all of the styles, colors and sizes available. 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse T-shirts
Warn the general public to prepare for the zombie apocalypse with a t-shirt.
Have You Hugged a Zombie Today T-shirts
Have You Hugged a Zombie Today t-shirts.
Don’t Eat Me Bro T-shirts
Don’t Eat Me Bro t-shirts with a zombie attacking a college student.
Zombie Outbreak Stickers
Zombie Outbreak Stickers. “A Zombie Outbreak has occurred at this location. For more information visit ectoradio. Do not remove this sticker.”
Zombie Friendly Sign T-shirts
Do Not Eat – Zombie Friendly Sign T-shirts for those without weapons.
Dead Sexy Zombie Girl T-shirts
Dead Sexy Zombie Girl t-shirts. Ain’t she cute?
Uberzombie & Filth T-shirts
T-shirt from the best zombie designer Uberzombie & Filth.
Zombie Defense Station Poster
Poster for your zombie survival plan defense shelter. Contains checklist so you can alert survivors as to what equipment is available to combat the zombie outbreak.
What’s Your Zombie Plan T-shirts
Open a discussion about the future zombie apocalypse with this “What’s Your Zombie Plan” t-shirt.
Zombie Pin Up Girl T-shirts
Here’s a Zombie Pin Up Girl t-shirt for those into zombie chicks.
Zombie Outbreak Response Team T-shirts
Sign up for the Zombie Outbreak Response team!
Zombies are People Too T-shirts
everyone that Zombies are people too with a t-shirt.
Cubi-kill Zombie Incorporated T-shirts
Feel like your cubicle is a coffin? Well for the workers at Zombie Incorporated it is. Just because you’re dead doesn’t mean you can’t be productive.
Zombie Incorporated Water Cooler T-shirts
Corporate life isn’t easy, especially when you’re dead. Show off your office attire with this Corporate Zombie humorous shirt showing a group of undead business tycoons around the brain water cooler.
Zombie Incorporated HR Dept T-shirts
The employees at Zombie Incorporated HR (human remains) Department are here to help.
Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse T-shirts
Everyone will be sure to know that you’re Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse when you wear this t-shirt.
Zombies Was People Too T-shirts
Protect the species – Zombies Was People Too.
Retro Zombie T-shirts
Cute little retro zombie on a shirt. Zombies can be cute, right?
I Love You More Than Zombies Love Brains T-shirts
This funny, Horror movie inspired shirt reads: I love you more than a Zombie Loves Brains in retro and monster movie fonts. Awww, how sweet!
I’d Rather Be Fighting Zombies T-shirts
Warn the general public “I’d Rather Be Fighting Zombies” with a t-shirt.
Zombaid T-shirts
If your favorite band participated in Zombaid, let the world know you support them, zombies & charities with a t-shirt.
Also available on black t-shirts & hoodies.
Zombie Tech T-shirts
Zombie Tech – because a mind is too tasty to waste.
Zombie Dead Man
Walkin’ T-shirts

Zombie Dead Man Walkin’ T-shirts with biohazard symbol.
Zombies are People Too T-shirts
Don’t be prejudiced against the undead. Just remember: Zombies are people too.
Zombie Boyfriends T-shirts
Zombie boyfriends love you for your brains, not your body.
Great Minds Taste Alike T-shirts
Funny Great Minds Taste Alike zombie t-shirt.
My Pet Zombie Hates Your Guts But Loves Your Brains T-shirts
Warn people that zombies aren’t that friendly, they don’t like everybody, with this “My pet zombie hates your guts….but loves your brains” t-shirt.
I Hate Zombies T-shirts
If you hate zombies, follow the angry mob with your own pitchfork and torch.
Zombie Rabbit T-shirts & Gifts
Everyone wants a pet zombie these days, and people like the house broken bunny. Tell the world about your zombie rabbit today with a t-shirt.
Zombie Chow T-shirts
Delicious and Nutritious fashion wear for the undead.
Zombie Girl T-shirts & Gifts
Let the world know that you’re a zombie girl & see who responds!
Zombie Apocalypse T-shirts
You have your survival plan and weapon stash. You’ve practiced up on video games. Now The Hardest Part of the Zombie Apocalypse is Waiting for it to Start!
iZombie T-shirts
iZombie T-shirts with zombie listening to music. Next, she’ll dance.
Funny Gas Food Zombie Sign T-shirts & Gifts
Let everyone know that there’s gas, food and zombies ahead with this funny spoof t-shirt of the gas, food, lodging signs.
Office Zombie T-shirts
Good little zombie heads off to the office.
Cannot Sleep Zombies Will Eat Me T-shirts
If you’re afraid of zombies, share the fear with this Cannot Sleep Zombies Will Eat Me t-shirt.

I’m with Zombies T-shirts
Funny t-shirt lets everyone know that you’re hanging with your zombies!
Zombie Diner T-shirts
You know where to get brain food – the Voodoo Diner!

I Love Zombies T-shirts
I Love Zombies t-shirts in the ‘I heart’ tradition featuring a heart shaped brain.
Zombie Homework Excuse Shirts
Must do homework before zombies eat my brains. Blood stain makes it look like its too late.

Zombie Hunter T-shirts
Zombie Hunter t-shirt.
Zombies Happen T-shirts
Warn the world that Zombies Happen with a t-shirt.
Zombie Hunting
License Stickers

Prove that you’ve been licensed by the US government to hunt zombies with this Zombie Hunter License sticker on your shirt.

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