Here are Some Books that are Helping Toddlers in Pacifier Weaning

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You know it’s time for baby to start thinking about giving up their binky, but how can you get the idea across to them when they love their pacifier? Here are some cute board books and toddler storybooks to plant a seed for pacifier weaning to begin.

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little bunnys pacifier plan

Little Bunny’s Pacifier Plan

This is an excellent book with a plan to help your baby in weaning from the pacifier. Little Bunny’s dentist suggests that it’s time for him to give up his binky. Bunny follows the dentist’s pacifier plan and uses the pacifier only when he’s in the house, then only when he’s in his room, then only when he’s in his little chair, gradually weaning himself off the pacifier until he no longer needs it. Wonderful way to introduce the idea to your child and make their own pacifier plan.
no more pacifier for piggy

No More Pacifier for Piggy!

Ducky invites Piggy to play peekaboo with her, but his pacifier keeps getting in the way. Ducky tells him, “You’re missing all the fun.” Piggy leaves his pacifier behind and declares “No more pacifier for piggy.” If you’re trying the cold turkey method of pacifier weaning, this book is perfect for your situation.
its time to give up your pacifier book

It’s Time to Give Up Your Pacifier

This book helps preschoolers and toddlers think about all the fun things they can do when they don’t use a pacifier like talking, playing, eating and drinking. It also offers insight and tips for parents tackling this transition in their child’s life.
pacifiers are not forever board book

Pacifiers Are Not Forever

This board book helps children with their feelings when giving up the pacifier and offers parents guidance. It focuses on a smooth transition with no fuss or muss.
caillou rosies pacifier

Caillou: Rosie’s Pacifier

If your little one is a fan of Caillou, they’ll love this story of how his baby sister Rosie needs her pacifier for awhile, but after she learns to do things as she grows bigger she realizes that she doesn’t need her binky anymore.
berenstain bears pacifier days

Berenstain Bears Baby Book: Pacifier Days

My kids adored the Berenstain Bears when they were growing up, so I just have to include this baby board book featuring a “fond farewell” to the pacifier. The baby bears love their “passies” but with the usual Berenstain humor they learn that life is better without it.


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