How Stealthy is Your Cat? Here are Some Animal Ninjas

Our nickname for our cat Milo is the Little Ninja because he is forever sneaking quietly into the room with us and chewing cords on the Xbox, cellphone chargers and headphones. They are like chocolate to him! We try to keep him out of areas with electronics but he always manages to sneak in unannounced.
If you have a ninja kitty too – or like other ninja animals – here are some cute animal ninja t-shirts, mugs and more.
Click on the shirt to see all shirt sizes and styles available. All shirts are printed on demand by Zazzle so they are covered by a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Cute little ninja kitty knows how to sneak up behind you!Ninja doggy is the best guard dog around.This cute anime ninja raccoon knows how to get around in the dark.
Cute ninja monkey can hang from his tail to lower himself into tight spots – no mission is impossible!The ninja fox is as sly as they come!Ninja Octopus has undersea strength.
Ninja Frog can leap tall buildings in several silent hops.Ninja bunny distracts everyone with her cuteness.Ninja Pandas know how to use ninja swords and shurikens.
Ninja teddy is cute but deadly. He makes a great bedtime protector.

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