3 Easy Steps to Creating a Signature Drink for Your Party

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Whether your guests are kids or adults, one way to make your party unique is to create a signature drink.

Now when I say make a special drink for your party, I don’t mean spend a week mixing concoctions in your kitchen like some mad scientist!

You don’t have to create something new . . . you’re just being creative with beverages that your guests already love.

A signature drink is a beverage that is created to fit your party theme.

A signature drink matches the theme of your party whether its hot chocolate or a halloween drink.

It can be juice or punch for a kids party all the way to an alcoholic beverage for an adult party.

Step 1: Choose the Color

consider color for signature drinks

The first consideration is the color of the beverage, not the taste.

A princess party needs a pink drink, a racing party needs a red drink, a mad scientist party needs a green drink . . .

Pick your party colors as the color for your signature drink

The easy answer to color choice: make it the same color as you’ve already decided for party decorations.

This means your signature drink will:

  • match its surroundings
  • add to the atmosphere
  • look fantastic in the photos!
fruit juice colors for signature drinks

Now – what beverages are that color?

{Easy Signature Drink} Begin with drinks that are readily available:

  • fruit juices & ades
  • sodas
  • teas
  • sports drinks
  • dairy beverages & ice cream drinks
  • energy drinks

{DIY project} Consider mixed beverages:

  • shakes
  • smoothies
  • punch
  • infused water
  • cocktails

For example, a pink drink can be:

  • pink lemonade
  • cream soda
  • grapefruit juice
  • pomegranate juice
  • watermelon juice
  • strawberry milkshake
  • cherry infused water
  • Hawaiian Punch
  • shirley temple
  • Tazo passion herbal tea
    pink cloud punch
  • rhubarb syrup in Sprite
  • Pink Lady
  • Pink Martini
  • Cosmopolitan
Pastel colored milkshakes for Easter

Next, consider these factors.


Step 1: Choose the Beverage

consider color

What beverages are a color that coordinates with your party theme colors?

Begin with drinks that are readily available. Consider fruit juices & ades, sodas, teas, sports drinks, dairy beverages & ice cream drinks, flavored waters and energy drinks.

Move on to mixed drinks such as smoothies, punch or cocktails for an adult party.

For example, a pink drink can be pink lemonade, cream soda, grapefruit juice, pomegranate juice, watermelon juice, a strawberry milkshake, cherry flavored water, or a shirley temple.

Next, consider these factors.

    • Flavor: what would your guests prefer? Guy drinks are different than gal’s drinks, 2 year olds prefer different drinks than 12 year olds.
    • Party theme: does your theme suggest a strong drink or a light drink, or is there a beverage that just goes along with your theme like fruit tea at a tea party or Sarsaparilla at a cowboy party?
    • Season: select a cold drink during the summer or a hot drink during the fall or winter.
  • Ease: do you want to use something that you can hand out to the kiddies or just pour from a bottle, or do you want to be a party maven and serve mixed drinks, milkshakes or smoothies?

Step 2: Give Your Signature Drink a Special Name

Giving your signature drink a special name can be as easy as printing a label to wrap around a juice box, a water bottle, a soda can or bottled drinks, or printing a tent card for your buffet table to set beside the pitcher or drink dispenser.

signature drink names

For a kids party, keep it simple by using a fruit juice or other beverage and giving it a special name that goes with your party theme. “Dr No’s Electro Potion” makes green Gatorade sound oh so much more exciting!

While doing research for your party theme look for beverage names such as witch’s brew for halloween or Skeleton Canyon Sarsaparilla for a cowboy party.

Need some inspiration? Here are a few words you can use instead of “drink.”

canned heat
thirst quencher

Step 3: Serve Your Signature Drink in a Special Way

buff waiter

When I say to serve your drinks in a special way, I don’t mean the serv-er!

Here are a few ways you can make your drinks unique.

  • Special glasses
  • Novelty drink dispenser
  • Shaped or flavored ice cubes
  • Special straws
  • Rimming the glass
  • Garnishes

Think of ways you can make the presentation of your party drink more exciting and appealing.

Special Glasses

Princess Cup“Dr No’s Electro Potion” served in a beaker, mason jar or milk bottle with an LED Coaster Sticker (so it glows) takes green Gatorade to the next level.

Pink lemonade served in a princess cup makes it a royal occasion.

And the great thing about special cups is that they look fantastic in the photos and then can be sent home as a party favor.

Special Drink Dispensers
iv pole drink dispenserHow  you serve the drinks can add to the party fun.

Novelty drink dispensers – such as this one that looks like an IV pole – pump up the party spirit as they pump out the drinks.

There are Globe, Beehive, Pineapple, Nascar, Fire Extinguisher drink dispensers and even a Beverage Dispenser Backpack on Amazon alone.

Search the internet for “your-party-theme-name beverage dispenser” and see what’s available. You may even find cool tutorials like this pumpkin drink dispenser.

Special Ice Cubes

jewels ice cube trayMake designer ice cubes by freezing fruit juice into ice cubes or inserting a raspberry, blueberry, small mint leaf or lemon curl in a cube for a sweet drink or a grape tomato, 1/4 cucumber slice or basil leaf in a clear ice cube for a savory drink. (You can also insert fun items like plastic bugs.)

Freeze your ice cubes into special shapes that go with your party theme.

Or search the internet with keywords “your theme + ice” to see if there is an ice cube tray for an item to do with your party theme.

Special Straws
pink flamingo straws
cute mustache straws

When you’re researching party decorations for your party theme, you’ll probably find some special straws that would be perfect, or quite often a party printable package can include a straw decoration.

Beverages – alcoholic or non-alcoholic – can be decorated with one or a combination of the following types of garnishes.

garnishes for drinks

You can rim your glass with sugars, salt, cocoa powder or spices depending on the taste experience you prefer. You can even add a touch of food coloring to your sugar or use colored sugars to get the look you want, such as red rims for a vampire party or blue rims for a space or under the sea party.

Put the sugar, cocoa, salt or spices on a plate large enough to accomodate the glass.

Moisten the rim of the glass with a little of your drink by dipping it in a saucer of the beverage, or sliding a lemon or fruit slice around the rim, depending on the flavor and/or color you’re looking for.

Turn the glass upside down on your plate of sugar, salt or powder, give it a little shake and then carefully turn it right side up so none of the powder ends up inside the glass.

Remember – you can rim the glass of non-alcoholic punch or fruit juice in sugar too.

vampires kiss cocktail
Glazes are syrups that are poured down the side of the glass before they’re filled with the beverage.

Glazes are a decorative touch to add a little fun to the party experience.

They can be combined with a rim for extra pizzazz.

This glass shows a red syrup used to look like blood dripping on a Vampire’s Kiss drink for Halloween.

Adding a glaze to your glass is a lot of fun, but takes practice. Make sure you give it a few tries before party day to perfect the art!

Dusts and Toppings
beverage toppings on iced coffee
A light dusting of cocoa powder, cinnamon or other spices can add to the experience of the first taste and the overall appearance of a beverage.

A dusting of cocoa powder is a must for hot chocolate!

Toppings such as whipped cream, butterscotch sauce, chocolate sauce or chocolate shavings adds to the flavor of the beverage and makes drinking it extra fun.

Hangers & Drops

drink garnish with sugar rim

3 smoothies with fruit garnishes
Hangers are garnishes that are placed on the rim of the glass and drops are garnishes that are – of course – dropped inside the glass.

They can be fruit, vegetables, picks, umbrellas, peppermint sticks, cinnamon sticks, flowers and almost anything one can imagine as a decoration. (Just keep in mind that the glass has to be able to bear the weight of the garnish without tipping over.)

Hangers can be as simple as one slice of fruit with a slit cut so it can hang on the side of a glass to a spear of fruit. You can also add a little kitsch such as an umbrella or a sword.

Almost any kind of fresh fruit can be used – banana, kiwi, strawberry, peach, star fruit, cherries, cranberries and pineaple are the most common.

citrus twist garnish
Lemons, limes and oranges can be a wheel (one whole cross-section slice), a slice (half a wheel) or a wedge.

Citrus twists can be cut around the peel, but when making many for a party here is an easier way:

  • cut both ends off the lemon, lime or orange
  • slice it down one side lengthwise
  • remove the peel in one piece
  • cut the peel lengthwise into quarter inch slices – remove any excess pulp
  • hold peel slice over the glass and twist into a corkscrew shape so the oils are in the drink
  • save the fruit part to squeeze as juice to rim the glass

For pictoral examples, see this PDF on Garnishing Drinks.


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