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Put More Play in Everyday with a Quickie Party

A short & sweet Quickie Party is a great way to put a little more fun in today & create happy memories that last a lifetime.

What is a “Quickie Party”?

A Quickie Party is a celebration that’s quick to pull together & can be a short (quick) party – or as long as you want it to be.

It’s purpose is to elevate the everyday to epic proportions because people who play together have great relationships. (Want proof? See About Us for our “aha” moment.)

What do you celebrate with a Quickie Party?

The great thing about a short & sweet celebration is that it makes everyday events special.

  • new haircut
  • the premier or finale of your favorite TV show or movie series
  • the beginning or end of a project
  • new eyeglasses or sunglasses or shoes
  • the daily holiday of the day
  • welcome home from school/work party
  • breakfast dance party
  • won/lost the baseball/sport you adore game
  • unbirthday
  • special dessert at dinner
  • we’re finally all together
  • celebrate anything you’re looking forward to!

I’m pumped! How do I pull together a quick party?

It’s so easy.

  1. What are you going to celebrate today?
  2. Decide how long you’d like to party.
  3. What party elements can you fit in the time allotted? Which are important to you?
  4. Gather together what you’ll need for the Quickie Party.
  5. Invite your family & friends and play away!

The party elements you consider are:

  • Decorating Module
  • Food Module
  • Entertainment Module
  • Costume Module

A Quickie Party is planned like a big party, only scaled down so it’s fast to plan, and quick to pull together. 

You can add all of the modules to your party plan, or just the ones you want. A “welcome home from school” party helps overwhelmed & kids perk up to make the transition to being home. It can include:

  • a snack (food)
  • a pennant in the entryway (decorations)
  • a movie to watch together or backyard games like cornhole (entertainment)
  • funny hats or headbands that you have on hand from another event (costumes)

Sounds like a quick party needs to be planned in advance, too.

Even impromptu fun needs preparation in advance to have the necessary equipment available.

If you want to celebrate the daily holidays, they require advance planning for sure. Sign up for our weekly Merrymaker News to see the next week’s holiday themes & ideas in advance.

I thought you said a Quickie Party can be planned quickly?

Yes, it can fast to pull together if you have equipment at home and come up with a great idea on the spur of the moment.

But some of the reasons to have a quickie party is to get exercise after sitting for awhile, add fun after a stressful test or meeting in the day, or to enjoy being with a coworker, family member or friend instead of everyone being on their phones. (Create happy memories & bond with a little fun!)

Those types of parties need to be planned in advance, as do daily holidays.

What kind of quick party can I have right now?

We have a list of party ideas to inspire you, and we keep adding to the list every time we write about another idea or hear about something new to celebrate.