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Have you seen a Freakshake, with the milkshake glass coated in candies, piled high with desserts and favorite snacks. It’s a party in a glass! We show you how to make a Freakshake at home. (We know you want one!)

What is a Freakshake?

A Freakshake is a milkshake where the outside of the glass is coated with a dripping sauce, and applied with candies, cookies or sprinkles. (This is just the outside!) Then the top is piled high with whipped cream and desserts like meringue, donuts, cookies, candy floss, popcorn, pretzels, gummy shapes – whatever you want!

A Freakshake is no longer just a milkshake. It’s a mega-dessert in a glass. It’s an eye-popping event.

Who thought this up?

All this awesomeness hails from Australia.

The Patissez (“Pat-is-say”) cafe & bakehaus in the heart of Manuka, Canberra came up with this brilliant idea in 2016.

The first week they only sold one. But since a Freakshake is so Instagram-worthy it quickly became viral on social media.

Now you’ll find restaurants all over the world serving Freakshakes.

But we won’t list them. We want to make Freakshakes at home! We want themed Freakshakes for our holiday celebrations & parties.

donut and marshmallows freakshakes

How to Make a Freakshake

Decide on a theme.

It can be your party theme, or seasonal, or the holiday you’re celebrating.

The theme can be a color.

Or a flavor like chocolate vs caramel, or a combination like sweet and salty.

It can even be geographical or cultural like Mexican with dark chocolate, spicy sauce, decorated with a churro and bright colored candies.

chocolate and pretzels freakshake
caramel versus chocolate freakshakes
freakshakes milk shakes with sweets in glassware

Decide on glassware.

Most Freakshakes are served in a mason jar mug. This makes sense because they are a heavy base to hold all the weight of the desserts on the top. Also, the mouth of the jar is different than the sides, which begs for a different kind of candy, allowing more creativity.

But if your party theme suits a different glass shape, go for it! Just be sure it is sturdy enough to hold all the toppings without tipping.

topical freakshake milkshakes

Choose your milkshake flavor.

As we discuss in How to Make a Signature Drink in 3 Easy Steps, if this is for a party think of the color that matches your party first, and then the flavors that are that color. This is why deciding on the theme comes first, because it helps you narrow down all the other choices, and helps you create an instagram-worthy party Freakshake – that can go viral. (Make sure you have a personal hashtag for your party.)

For instance, a tropical party would have fruit flavors, a vampire party has to have a red beverage with chocolate accents, a zombie party features a green milkshake with brain shaped candies.

Of course, you can color the milkshake with food coloring, but first think of natural ways to have that color like a pistachio milkshake that’s green.

See our milkshake recipes for ideas.

pink and blue donut freakshakes

Next, choose a sauce flavor and color.

Notice that the Freakshake on the right has chocolate sauce dripped on the inside walls of the glass and on the rim where the caramel popcorn is attached, but also a blue sauce dripped down the outside wall of the glass with sprinkles.

The blue sauce with the sprinkles and the colors on the gummy strips on the skewers unite the Freakshake into one element.

It’s Freakshake artistry!

The kind of sauce you choose is important. You want a thick sauce for the inside of the glass so it won’t just “wash” off when you pour the milkshake inside.

You need a thick sauce on the rim to hold heavier snacks & decorations.

You can make a homemade ganache. This will also make your milkshake thicker and tastier.

caramel popcorn freakshake

Or use hot fudge or caramel sauce for topping ice cream (not the squirt bottle kind that mixes into milk).

Think of other thick things to try like peanut butter, frosting, marshmallow creme, jam, pudding and Nutella.

freakshake Vanilla and raspberry extreme milkshakes with pretzels, popcorn, small marshmallows, cookies and berries topping

Now decide on your toppings.

freakshake milkshakes

Donuts are used because they are the perfect size to ring the mason jar, and the hole in the center is the perfect for the straw (a necessity for the milkshake) and to hold the skewers and long toppings in place.

Plan different textures. You want crunch, like pretzels, cookies, nuts, popcorn. You want soft, like brownies, donuts, waffles, chocolate, berries. You want surprises like cotton candy, gummies, pie and cake.

Think tall. Put some of your toppings on straws or skewers to build high. You can even vary the height of the skewers.

Think color. It’s a work of art as well as a dessert. Even multi-colored Freakshakes stick to pastels or primary colors. Shades of blue or green. Caramel versus chocolate.

Research what you have available that goes with your theme. Check the bin stores and online as well as at your local grocery store. A freakshake is an event!

freakshake banana split milkshakes

Now build your Freakshake!

4 different freakshake milkshakes


  1. Build the skewers for your toppings.
  2. Make the ganache if using. Put in large zippered plastic bag, pat flat, close and keep refrigerated. (It cools faster and more evenly when patted flat.)
  3. Make the whipped cream, put in a decorator’s bag with a star nozzle and refrigerate.

How to use the sauce.

  1. Pour some on the bottom of the glass.
  2. Drip or spread some on the walls inside the glass.
  3. Spread sauce on the outside rim of the mason jar.
  4. Drip down the outside of the glass.
  5. Attach the snacks, sprinkles and decorations to the outside of the glass.

Add milkshake.

  1. Put a scoop of ice cream in the bottom of the glass. (It will float to the top.)
  2. Make your milkshake as planned.
  3. Pour into glass until the ice cream is just to the top edge.

Now the toppings.

  1. Cover the top of the glass with a layer of whipped cream.
  2. Build up the whipped cream unless you’re topping it with a donut or other dessert.
  3. Add tall skewers and arrange, much like you would a floral arrangement.

Take a photo!

Other than the sugar high, one of the best parts of your Freakshake event is sharing it for the world to see.

Erin Bender says, “If you drink a Freakshake without Instagramming it, did it actually ever exist?”

Cherish it.

Take it slow. Enjoy the moment. A freakshake takes planning, time to pull together all the pieces and then create. Take as much time as you can savoring every bite.

Of course your Freakshake needs a freakin’ awesome name.

Name that baby and make an official hashtag for it when you post pictures on social media. (Include the word or separate hashtag #freakshake.)

If you need help thinking of a name, see How to Choose a Party Drink Name.

unicorn freakshake

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