How to Make a Head in a Jar Prop for Halloween or a Prank

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Celebrate two holidays this year with one prop. Make a head in jar as a mad scientist lab prop or Halloween decoration, or as a prank to scare your room mate or family members on April Fool’s Day.

This creation by mikeasaurus at Instructables is easy to do with his instructions. You can make a photo of your own head to put in the jar, or take the even easier route and use the photo he made of his head!

First, get your head printed and laminated.

If you’d like to make the photo of your own head, follow his directions on Instructables using a photo editor. It took him 30 minutes.

Or, download his head for your jar.

link for head in a jar image

You have to laminate it. Since the image is going into a jar of liquid, it needs to be protected. You can get this done at your local office supply store.

Then get your jar ready.

If you don’t have one of those huge industrial sized mayonnaise jars, you’ll need to find one that’s large enough to hold a human head. (You can find one at a local hardware store, but please don’t ask for a jar big enough for a human head while you’re there. There may be an ensuing 911 call.) It is a 5 liter or 1 gallon size.

Fill the jar about 2/3 full of water. Tint water the color you prefer. (Green looks like the preserving solution in the movies.)

jar for head in a jar prop
Empty 5 liter or 1 gallon jar, ready to be filled.
fill jar with water
Fill 2/3 with water.
tint water with food dye
Add food color to tint water.

Now put your head in the jar.

Curl the laminate page so you can insert it into the jar. Then let it open out inside. Fill with water to top of jar and seal it with the lid.

You’re ready to freak everyone out now!

make a head in a jar halloween decoration
Add a couple pickled eggs to your Head in Jar.
put the head in a jar for April Fools Day Prank
Or put the head in a jar on a shelf in the fridge to get the adrenaline going in the morning.

Tell us what you think.

Did you make a head in the jar? Did you do your own or someone else’s head?

Was the tutorial easy to do? Have any tips for others who want to give it a try?

If you made this fun prop, add a photo in you comment. We want to see it!