Magically Delicious Leprechaun Poop for St Patrick’s Day

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Kids love it because it’s so gross sounding, moms love it because it is so easy to pull together! We’ve made it even easier with a free Leprechaun Poop printable that can be used as a gag gift or party favor bag topper, or a menu card at your St Patricks Day party.

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What is leprechaun poop?

Leprechaun poop is a gag gift of something edible and delicious that looks like it could be poop from a magical little Irish fellow. It’s usually green for St Patrick’s Day or yellow like gold. Or maybe even sparkly to make it look magically delicious. (Or – how about all 3 in a cookie!)

candies for leprechaun poop in glasses

What will you use as leprechaun poop?

How do you serve leprechaun poop?

Or printable makes it easy!

Just fill a bowl for your party table (we used a cauldron from our Halloween party decorations to look like a leprechaun’s pot for gold) and use our printable as a tent label.

Or, fill a resealable sandwich bag for a party favor or surprise in your child’s lunchbox and use the printable as a bag topper.

We have a honey jar shaped like a cauldron but any jar would do. Put the cloverleaf circle on top of the lid and fill with your candy. Tie the poem around the neck of the jar for a more elegant leprechaun poop gift.

Or . . . you can make Leprechaun Poop cookies!

We have a reindeer poop chocolate drop cookie recipe that you can use for St Patrick’s Day.

Just make them smaller, so they’re leprechaun size. LOL

If you love chocolate cookies, use our Reindeer Poop cookie recipe.

They taste amazing and still gross the kids out!

reindeer poop christmas chocolate drop cookies

Green & yellow with sparkles, as promised.

Or, make colorful and festive leprechaun poop cookies like these ones with edible gold stars* and pearls* by Emily from Pie with Sparkles.

(Unfortunately Emily doesn’t have her site any longer.)

The cookies are yellow and green sugar cookie dough twisted together with the pearls and stars sprinkled on the top.

leprechaun poop cookies from Pie with Sparkles

What Can I Use Leprechaun Poop For?

  • Give a jar of Leprechaun Poop to family, friends or co-workers as a gag gift to bring a smile for the day.
  • Put a bag of Leprechaun Poop in your kid’s lunch as a joke. (You’ll be the coolest mom ever.)
  • Set out a bowl with a tent label for an after school surprise.
  • Hand out your Leprechaun poop at the beginning of your kids’ St Patricks Day party to keep the kids busy until all the guests arrive.
  • Put a bag at each place setting to keep them busy at the table until all the food is served.
  • Hand them out at the end of the party to keep them busy while they’re waiting to be picked up by their parents.
  • Or put them in your take-home thank you gift bag.

Yes, Leprechaun Poop keeps kids busy nibbling, laughing, ewwwwwing!

Free Leprechaun Poop Printable

St Patricks Day Leprecaun Poop Printable

Our set of free leprechaun poop printables includes a bag topper that can also be used as a menu tent card, and a gift tag with the “heart-warming” poem.

The leprechauns of Ireland
Bring a special gift your way,
It’s full of love & happiness
for St Patricks Day.

Along with all good wishes
from this merry group,
is magically delicious
Leprechaun poop.

Keep smilin’

The topper fits standard resealable sandwich bags.

Attach the poem to a jar of candies or to the party favor bag by stapling the ribbon to the bag. You could also just slip the gift tag poem into the bag with the goodies.

The printable is a PDF. Open in Adobe Reader and save or print on A4 cardstock. If you need assistance, see How to Print Our Printables at Home or by a Professional Printer.

leprechaun poop

I know you’ll have fun finding ways to make people laugh with this funny St Patricks Day gift.

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You sound like a Merrymaker!

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Magically Delicious Leprechaun Poop for St Patrick\'s Day