How to Make Maple Leaf Roses

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Maple leaf roses are a fun gift – and FREE to give. They also make awesome autumn decorations in your home that are sure to impress your guests. Bonue: they are oh-so-easy to make. (But we won’t tell.)

Violet Person at Instructables shows us how to make maple leaf roses step by step.

What You Will Need

  1. Maple leaves in several different sizes within the same color range (red, yellow, orange)
  2. Four or five leaves for each rose, with each one getting larger than the other
  3. Plan how many roses you want in your bouquet – an odd number looks best
  4. Gather lots more than you think you need in case they break
  5. Very large green leaves can be greenery behind roses instead of the same color as roses
  6. Masking tape
  7. Scissors to cut tape
What you need to make maple leaf roses

Step 1: Pick your maple leaves.

woman picking leaves in fall

Go for a walk and choose some maple leaves to make into a bouquet of roses.

  • the leaves need to be off the tree so they are fresh and can fold without breaking
  • find leaves free of black marks or holes
  • choose several the same color but are different hues – lighter to darker red, yellow or orange
  • find leaves that are 3 different sizes in the same color range – small, medium and large
  • also pick some extra large green leaves to surround the roses with greenery

Step 2: Sort leaves by size.

When you are home, sort the leaves by color first, and then by size into a small, medium and large pile.

Smaller leaves will be used for the inner petals and gradually use larger leaves for the outer petals.

sort leaves by size

Step 3: Get the tape ready.

Cut 3″ pieces of masking tape so they will be ready when you need them. (You’ll only have one hand free.)

You’ll need one piece of tape for each leaf rose and a couple to attach the maple leaf roses into a bouquet.

Step 4: Make the center of the rose.

1 fold leaf in half without creasing

First, take your smallest leaf and gently bend it back in half horizontally. (Don’t crease.)

If your leaf snaps at the bend, it is too dry.

2 roll leaf from one side to the other

Now roll the folded leaf from one edge to the other. Pinch it together at bottom.

It should look like a little rosebud.

Step 5: Add more layers.

3 roll larger leaf around rosebud

Now choose a leaf that’s slightly larger for the next layer.

Fold leaf in half.

Hold rosebud in the center of the leaf with your thumb.

4 fold on side under thumb

Now fold one side down under your thumb.

Fold the other side in under your thumb too.

Now choose another leaf that’s slightly larger again and repeat. Rosebud in center, fold each side down under your thumb.

Step 6: Taping the rose.

5 tape rose

Once you have wrapped 4 or 5 leaves and don’t have any more that are larger, it’s time to tape it together.

Take a piece of masking tape and tightly fasten it around the bottom of the leaves.

(Tape is easier to use than wire because the wire tends to rip the leaves.)

And now do it again!

Repeat for the next leaf roses, as many as you would like to make.

An odd number of roses looks better, the way they bunch together.

Step 7: Forming the bouquet.

6 tape roses together

Once you have made as many roses as possible out of your leaves, it’s time to form the bouquet.

First, arrange the roses the way you want – bigger ones in the center. Then use masking tape to secure the stems.

7 wrap full leaves for greenery

Use full leaves to arrange around the maple leaf roses for the bouquet.

(Green leaves look more like “greenery”. But leaves the same color look amazing too.)

8 tape leaf roses together in bouquet

Tape all the leaves together by the stem to secure them where you want.

Voilà: A gorgeous bouquet of maple leaf roses.

finished maple leaf roses bouquet

You now have a beautiful bouquet of leaf roses. Give them to someone you love, or find the perfect vase to show off your creative flair.

Want to make roses with different kinds of leaves? Try this:

Now it’s your turn!

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How to Make Maple Leaf Roses

How to Make Maple Leaf Roses