How to stop your dog from biting guests at Christmas

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Do you find your dog gets more aggressive around the holidays? Here are a few tips to stop your dog from biting guests at Christmas so everyone can have happy holiday season.

Did you know that the majority of bites happen during the Christmas season? And most of the time it is a small child that is bitten.

Christmas is a time of joyful chaos. Children excitedly talking, running everywhere, usually carrying food. Adults are distracted hosting, talking, mingling. And there’s a tree in the house that isn’t a potty!

If your home is normally quiet, and especially if your dog is the center of attention the rest of the year, this is a difficult time for most dogs. They are under exercised, don’t get attention from the owners the way they usually do, but they get attention from strangers & adrenaline and sugar filled children.

Try to keep your dog’s routine the same as usual.

Feed them and exercise them at the usual times if at all possible. Routine is very important to the well-being of your pet. They need your attention now just as they do every day – maybe even more. Make sure they get the pats & snuggles they’re used to.

Protect or prevent interaction with children.

If you can put up a baby gate to keep them separated but still within visual range, this is the best answer. If not, carefully supervise the interaction with children so your pet feels protected and safe.

Watch your dog for signs of stress.

When a dog yawns, it means they aren’t sure of what is expected of them. If they are trying to get away from the situation or look anxious and worried, step in before they feel overwhelmed.

Provide a “safe place” for your pet.

Whether it’s their kennel or a quiet room, have a place that’s just for your dog. Give them a special treat or toy and let them get away from the chaos. Make sure children won’t disturb them.

Give them a calming supplement.

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Or try swaddling.

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How to stop your dog from biting guests at Christmas