How to Use a Bacon Press

cast iron bacon pressBy Christine Szalay Kudra
A bacon press is a heavy metal kitchen accessory. It has a flat base and it is used to weigh bacon down as it cooks on a griddle or grill. The weight of the bacon press stops the bacon from shriveling or curling up as it cooks, and it means you will get flat bacon strips, which are easier to chop and look better in sandwiches.
Bacon presses are usually made from cast iron because it is sturdy and conducts heat well. This conductivity, as well as the weight of the bacon press, means the bacon should cook evenly. Using a bacon press also means the bacon will cook faster, because the bacon press distributes heat all over the top of the bacon.
You can season a cast iron bacon press so it does not stick to the bacon. You might also see glass or stainless steel bacon presses but it is best not to choose something lightweight, such as an aluminum one, because it does not have enough weight to work as well as the heavier types.
Bacon presses have been used for more than two hundred years and the older types are completely made of cast iron. The newer ones have wooden handles. You can get home presses and commercial ones, which are used in restaurants and other eateries. These are basically the same but bigger. You can use a bacon press in a skillet or griddle but do not use it in a nonstick pan because the cast iron might scratch the nonstick coating.

Tips for Perfect Bacon

Put a heatproof surface near the stove. This can be a pie pan or trivet. Add a couple of paper towels to it and lay your strips of bacon on the paper towels, side by side. Put the skillet over a low heat. It is best to use a well seasoned, cast iron skillet if you have one. You can use a stainless steel skillet though, if that is what you have. Lay the press flat on the pan to heat it up.
Take the bacon press out of the pan and put it somewhere else. Add some of the bacon to the pan without crowding it. When the fat starts to render, flip the strips over. Put the bacon press on top of the bacon strips.
After half a minute, take the press off and flip the bacon. Put the press back on the bacon for another half a minute, then set the press to one side. Keep flipping the bacon until it is done. It will not shrivel or curl up any more. Take the bacon out of the skillet and drain it on the paper towels.

What Else Can You Use It For?

As well as using your bacon press to make flat, nice-looking bacon, you can use it when cooking boneless steaks or burgers. Applying the bacon press helps to seal in the meat juices and stop the meat from curling up. Bacon presses also help to flatten grilled cheese sandwiches, pork chops, and quesadillas.
Bacon presses are economical to buy and easy to use. You can buy one from a kitchen supply store or restaurant supply store. Some national discount retail chains also stock them.
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