I (bacon) Delicious Meats T-shirt Because Bacon Means Love & Tastiness

I [Bacon] Delicious Meats

I [Bacon] Delicious Meats

I (bacon) delicious meats t-shirt available from Think Geek.

Show the love for bacon with this retro stylin’ “I (bacon) delicious meats” t-shirt.
We are proud to present to you the conjugation of the verb “to bacon” in the present tense. *clears throat* SINGULAR PLURAL I bacon. We bacon. You bacon. You bacon. He/she/it bacons. They bacon.
The beauty of the verb “bacon” is its plasticity of meaning. It could mean “love;” it could mean “eat.” The only restriction is that any sentence in which it is involved must have something to do with tastiness. The Word Police told us so.
“I [image of bacon] Delicious Meats” printed in bacon-y shades of red on a Vegas gold 100% cotton t-shirt. Yeah. We don’t know about that Vegas gold thing either. But, you know, hey. Bacon.


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