Ice Skating for Beginners

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As a Canadian, I learned to skate at an early age as did my children.
Unfortunately I broke my ankle a few years ago which put an end to my skating days – strong ankles are a must – but I still enjoy watching the little ones who pretend to be ice dancers, twirling and spinning, the show-offs who skate backwards around the rink and the small ones just learning how to stand up.
ice skaters on lake

Ice Skating is Great Exercise

We all know that we need to get more active, especially in the winter, but most of us hate to bundle up and head for the gym to work out. Ice skating is a great form of exercise for all ages from tots to grandmas and grandpas. The whole family can head for the local frozen canal, lake or ice rink and even babies can be wrapped in blankets and pulled on a sled to get some fresh air while everyone else gets some exercise.

Ice Skating Isn’t Expensive

Ice skate are reasonably priced, and can be purchased second hand in good shape quite easily. Most sports stores have a trade-in policy for children’s skates so they can keep up with their growing feet. Other than skates, the only other equipment required is a good helmet. Please purchase a proper helmet – which covers the back of the head differently than a bicycle helmet. It is quite easy to find outdoor rinks where skating is free, which is nice for the entertainment budget.
toddler skating

Extra Help for Young Beginners

Little ones can learn to skate independently by pushing an orange highway pylon around, or leaning on a chair if the rink permits. They can also sign up for skating lessons, and at the end of the year most skating clubs have a fun figure skating show so your little skater can show off their new skills.

How to Ice Skate

Excellent video class for beginners shows you how to get on the ice without falling, how to skate forward, how to “cross over” to skate around corners, how to skate backwards, how to spin and how to stop.


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