I'm Cooler Than That Guy – and My T-shirt Says So!

I'm Cooler Than That Guy Kids T-Shirt

This fun I’m Cooler Than That Guy t-shirt is available at Hot Topic.

What They Say:

If your friend is oblivious enough to stand to your left when you’re wearing this I’m Cooler Than That Guy Kids T-Shirt shirt, he deserves to be known as the uncool one!
SM is 4/5, MD is 6/7, LG is 8/9 and XL is 10/11.

What I Say:

When my youngest son was little he had a whole wardrobe of t-shirts with funny sayings. People were stopping him in the mall and in theme parks when we were on holidays to tell him how funny his shirt was – and he loved all the attention. He was also known as the “cool cousin” when he passed them on down the line when he outgrew them!
He didn’t have this particular t-shirt, but I know he would have loved it if he did!


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