January 1: Apple Gifting Day to Wish Health to Family & Friends

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January 1st is National Apple Gifting Day, based on the British tradition of giving small gifts to friends and family to celebrate the New Year and wish them good health in the coming year.

History of Apple Gift Giving

The idea of gifting apples began with John Chapman, also known as Johnny Appleseed in the 1800s. And then teachers were gifted apples to supplement their sadly poor salary, especially when school began during apple season.

Apples are a fruit that can be kept in cold cellars, so they could still be enjoyed on January 1st back in the day. They made a nice small gift, one of the few fruits that would be available in January.

However, apples weren’t native to America. They were brought over with the pilgrims in the 1600s in the form of seeds. The trees weren’t grafted, so the apples were sour. Everyone made apple cider to replace the water, so they were glad apples could keep all year. (If you’ve played Oregon Trail*, you know that water gave them dysentery so apple cider was truly appreciated.)

Why do we say an apple a day keeps the doctor away?

an apple a day keeps the doctor away

During the Temperance Movement, those who were against alcohol also opposed apple cider because it is fermented. Women involved in the Prohibition Movement were called “the drys”. They were known for wielding an axe in saloons and apple orchards. Many species of apples died off due to their movement.

Even people who disagreed with “the drys” began to believe their propaganda and thought of apple cider as alcohol. Apple growers had to do something to protect their industry. So, in 1904 they rebranded the apple as a healthy food with “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” campaign.

How to celebrate Apple Gift Giving Day.

Why give an apple of course! Celebrate the New Year by showing the love with a gift.

How about sending mom & dad a box of apples?

Apples represent wishing good health in the New Year.

Caramel & candy apples are always appreciated.

Or bake the classic apple pie. (We make it easy.)

apple pie easy

See our recipe to make a classic apple pie to wow the crowd on Apple Gift Giving Day. (And you just have to make Cinnamon Ice Cream to go with it!)

Carve an apple duck.

how to make an apple duck fruit carving

See step by step instructions – with photos – to carve an apple duck. Use all different colored apples!

Make some apple guacamole.

apple guacamole recipe

Fast & easy Apple Guacamole recipe makes a fantastic healthy snack with a sweetness.

Or, how about slow cooker Oatmeal Apple Crumble with Bisquick & oatmeal?

apple crisp or crumble

Wonderfully warm comfort food made in the slow cooker is the perfect apple gift on January 1st. Apple Crumble with Bisquick and oatmeal. (Again, homemade Cinnamon Ice Cream is the perfect companion.)

And every home needs apple decor.

apple decor for apple gift giving day january 1

Check out the amazing apple decor* from folkart carved apples, crystal apples, apple-themed kitchen items and even metal apple art so beautiful it looks great in the living room.

Or an Apple gift card.

Surprise someone you adore with the ultimate apple gifting day gift. They’ll never forget the day you gave them an Apple gift card!

Want more? See all of the January 1st daily holidays.

Tell us how you celebrated Apple Gifting Day.

Leave a comment with a photo!


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January 1: Apple Gifting Day to Wish Health to Family & Friends

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