Joyce Chen Continues to Help You Cook Sushi

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About Joyce Chen

Joyce Chen opened her first restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1958. The restaurant flourished, and in 1973 a larger Cambridge restaurant was opened. Chen also began writing Chinese cookbooks and in the 1970s began hosting a cooking show on public television. She found that the selection and quality of Chinese cookware in America didn’t live up to her high standards, so she developed her own.
She is credited with popularizing Mandarin Chinese food in the United States. She was diagnosed with multi-infarct dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in the 80s and died in 1994.  Today her daughter Helen Chen helms the business and writes her own cookbooks.

Joyce Chen Cookware

Here are my favorite pieces of the Joyce Chen cookware collection, available from
Joyce Chen 3-pc. Sushi Kit
What They Say About the 3-piece Sushi Kit:
Using Joyce Chen’s 3-piece Sushi Kit, you can prepare authentic sushi at home. The set comes with the basics: a 9.5-in. bamboo sushi mat that will not soften, fray or absorb moisture or odors, a sturdy 8-in. bamboo rice paddle, perfectly curved for scooping rice and other ingredients, and a comprehensive booklet that provides step-by-step instructions and diagrams.
What I Say:
If you are interested in learning how to make rolled sushi (maki-zushi), this is for you. Joyce Chen’s slogan is “Eastern Cookware for the Western Kitchen”, and she knows what we want. Bamboo is a renewable resource so we can all feel good about going “green” – and here’s the best part – it’s dishwasher safe.
Joyce Chen 6.25x2.25-in. Nigiri Sushi MoldWhat They Say About the Nigiri Sushi Mold
Americans love sushi — unfortunately, eating at Japanese restaurants can be pricey. Now, with the introduction of Joyce Chen sushi products and authentic tools, anyone can quickly and easily make this Japanese delicacy right in their own home. This stick resistant 5-cavity sushi mold is perfect for making Nigiri Sushi. The mold tightly compresses the rice so you can drape your favorite tuna, eel, shad or snapper across the perfectly made mound and enjoy.
What I Say:
Maybe it’s just a carry-over from the playdoh years, but shaping rectangles by hand can be frustrating and time consuming if they keep looking like balls! A mold makes uniform rectangular shapes so you can move on to the next step quickly and easily.
They say the mold is “stick resistant”, but if you wet it before use – and wet your hand too – you will be sure that the rice will not stick. Don’t “pack” the rice in. It’s important to keep the rice unbroken.
Joyce Chen 12.25-in. Benriner/Asian Mandoline PlusWhat They Say About the Mandoline:
For fast slicing and fine juliennes (and easy cleaning), many professional chefs use this Japanese-made mandoline, consisting of a simple plastic tray that holds a razor-sharp straight blade set at an angle. To adjust the thickness of your slice, from nearly transparent to 1/8″, a knob moves the front of the tray up or down. Simply stick the fruit or vegetable on the finger guard and slide it down the tray and over the blade; a perfect slice falls below. The cutter comes with three julienning blades, which produce strips ranging from hair-thin to 1/4″ wide.
What I Say:
This benriner saves time when slicing, shredding, julienning, making garnishes or matchsticking. Just be careful because it is very, very sharp. You MUST use the finger guard and keep focused while using it.


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