June 1 is Oscar the Grouch’s Birthday

Happy Birthday Oscar the Grouch!

I’m sure he wouldn’t want us to sing the happy birthday song to him, but maybe he’d enjoy a rendition of I love trash. . .

Oscar is one of the originals

Oscar the Grouch is one of the original characters from the children’s TV show Sesame Street when it aired on Nov. 10, 1969. He was voiced by puppeteer Carrol Spinney until his retirement in 2018. (Spinney was also the voice for Big Bird.)

In his book The Wisdom of Big Bird (and the Dark Genius of Oscar the Grouch), Spinney explains how he based Oscar’s voice on a surly cab driver from the Bronx.

Oscar may be a grouch, but kids adore him. His grumpiness and love for smelly fish in newspaper make him fun.

Oscar’s attitude is the perfect way to teach kids that bad moods happen, and how to handle negative emotions, just like in this clip with Nicole Kidman.

Carroll Spinney as Oscar the Grouch - with his Big Bird feet on!
Puppeteer Carrol Spinney voicing Oscar with his Big Bird feet on

In 2018 Sesame Street introduced its “first” homeless character Julia.

Oscar the Grouch fans protested. Poor Oscar has been living in a trash can with all the garbage for 50 years! Isn’t that homelessness?

Oscar the Grouch Trivia Questions

Did you and your friends grow up watching Sesame Street? How many of these questions can you answer about Oscar the Grouch?

Click on question to see correct answer.

{Easy} Ways to Celebrate Oscar the Grouch’s Birthday

1. Make cupcakes

Easy cupcakes to make for Oscar the Grouch Birthday

All 3 types of cupcakes are easy – your choice.

  • First one is green sprinkles, candy eyes and chocolate icing in a tube to make eyebrows (made by the Workman Family)
  • Middle Oscar the Grouch cupcakes feature coconut tinted green with a marshmallow cut in half for eyes with fondant mouth, tongue, pupils (by Cupcakes by Claire)
  • Last cupcakes look difficult but they aren’t – Typewink on Etsy has a PDF with instructions on how to make the “fur” with a grass tip and the Sesame Street and trash can cupcake printables

Want more? See our Oscar the Grouch Party inspiration board on Pinterest.

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2. Watch a movie – Elmo in Grouchland

Elmo loves his fuzzy, well-worn blue blanket more than anything in the whole world. When it gets dirty he has to go to the laundromat. Elmo’s blanket gets sucked into colorful, swirling tunnel into Grouchland, the yuckiest place on earth. He goes on an adventure to Grouchland to retrieve his blanket.

See it on Amazon Prime. (If your kids love the movie, there’s a collection of just the songs with Elmo on Amazon Prime or DVD .)

3. Read a book

 Oscars Rotten Birthday
Oscars Rotten Birthday

This one is an absolutely must-have to celebrate Oscar the Grouch’s birthday!

The Pursuit of Grouchiness
The Pursuit of Grouchiness

Forget the pursuit of happiness. Learn all the Pursuit of Grouchiness from the pro who knows, Oscar the Grouch.

A Day in the Life of Oscar the Grouch
A Day in the Life of Oscar the Grouch

Want to know what his life is like? Read this book, A Day in the Life of Oscar the Grouch

Oscars Book
Oscars Book

Listen, I’m a grouch, and this is my book, and I don’t want you to read it.

How To Be a Grouch
How To Be a Grouch

Oscar tells us how to be a grouch – because we don’t know how already. Right?

Oscar the Grouch Alphabet of Trash
Oscar the Grouch Alphabet of Trash

A childhood favorite for many kids.

4. Put a fun surprise in their lunchbox

Oscar the Grouch Talking Button
Oscar the Grouch Talking Button

It says 5 of Oscar’s signature saying. The teacher will love it.

Oscar Sunglasses
Oscar Sunglasses

Fun sunglasses to celebrate Oscar the Grouch’s birthday

Oscar the Grouch Emoji Plush
Oscar the Grouch Emoji Plush

How can you celebrate his birthday without your very own Oscar?

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